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  1. Hi, I have succesfully added this contribution to my Oscommerce. Only in the title bar on the index.php I get for example: Home Page - My default website title But I think it's nicer to display it like: My default website title - Home Page, or actually Home Page: My default website title (replaced "-" for ":") What is the easiest way to do this? Greetings, Pieter
  2. Hi Chemo, Great work on the SEO contribution! Is it also possible to display a SEO link like: http://www.website.com/hardware/graphics-cards-c-1_4.html Instead of: http://www.website.com/hardware-graphics-cards-c-1_4.html And: http://www.website.com/hardware/graphics-cards/matrox-g200-p-1.html Instead of: http://www.website.com/matrox-g200-p-1.html I think that will bring you an even higher google ranking or am I wrong? Greetings, Pieter