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  1. appel268576


    it sounds like your TABLE_CUSTOMERS_POINTS_PENDING is not defined in includes/database_tables.php
  2. appel268576


    i actually managed to sort that problem, however i seem that have a problem with the fact that it does not want insert the TOTAL into the database. elts say total price is $1750. and customer has $1000 worth of points. it shows the total price as $750. but once the order has been processed, it shows the normal price in my account. any help...
  3. appel268576


    I Wonder if someone can help me. i have V2.0d installed, as soon as i get to the checkout_payment.php it show the referral, but not the points redeeming section. if i log into accont.php i can see that i have "lets say a 1000 points", but it does not seem to recognize those. any suggestions. regards Arno
  4. appel268576

    Event Calender

    is there any way that a booking system can be built into this calendar, ie. somebody views the calendar event, and then they can make a booking for an event...? just looking to get it like an automated system, so say you have 100 seats and 110 people sign up, they need to be notified that the event is full is there anyone that can help
  5. appel268576

    [Contribution] Purchase Order V2.3

    is there any way that under the purchase order account, system, that you can track, the amount of days , that their payment has been outstanding...? example somebody pays with the PO, then deducts the amount from there account. or does this work in a way where they have to topup there account before they can purchase...?
  6. appel268576

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    in this order editing tool, what would be quite handy is if you have the ability of adding on serial numbers, as well as been able to track stock, let say a person is running a online shop as well as a retail store, it will be quite handy if they can put note in the stock, like *product #1* - reserved, or backordered, or picked up. is there any way that it can be done. this is an amazing tool, i only started to use it yesterday, but it seems top notch.