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  1. Hey all, I found problem in seo.class.php , that related to future called "Add category parent to begining of URLs". Next query(line 1006) has wrong join syntax () , it does not work . $sql = "SELECT cd.categories_seo_url, c.categories_id, c.parent_id, cd.categories_name as cName, cd2.categories_name as pName FROM ".TABLE_CATEGORIES." c, ".TABLE_CATEGORIES_DESCRIPTION." cd LEFT JOIN ".TABLE_CATEGORIES_DESCRIPTION." cd2 ON c.parent_id=cd2.categories_id AND cd2.language_id='".(int)$this->languages_id."' WHERE c.categories_id='".(int)$single_cID."' AND cd.categories_id='".(int)$single_cID."' AND cd.language_id='".(int)$this->languages_id."' LIMIT 1"; Any one solved that issue ? Best Regards , Mic