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    Hello, I have installed this module but i have a problem. On the check-out page i only can choose to use the maximum number of points and not enter a value. The attached file shows a screenprint of that part of the checkout page. What am i doing wrong??? Thank you
  2. Hello, Just installed this and it looked ok. But when i checked the Error.log there are a lot of this lines. File does not exist: [full path]/httpdocs/NULL, referer: [full url]/product_info.php?cPath=42&products_id=342 So he is looking for a file that is not there. Did i made a mistake somewhere??? Thank you
  3. Hello, I am using this module and like it. Can someone tell me if its possible to select users by a specific article the bought. I want to send a discont coupon to users who bought a specific article. Now i have to manual select ech customer. Can anybody tell me if this is possible, or perhaps the maker is willing to implement this (pm me please)
  4. henkbart

    2gether Discount

    Hello, First this is a great contribution. I only have one problem, and this is with the product_information page. The problem is that the total price show there is not correct. Ex. I have a product that is 16,99 and a product that is 17,99 When together you got a fix discount of 5 So 16,99+19,99-5=29,98 On the Product_info page this is shown as 30. At checkout everything is fine. Can somebody tell me how to fix this?? Thank you
  5. henkbart

    Customer Loyalty Discount Scheme

    Hello, I have a problem with this contrib. I'm using OsCommerce 2.2 RC 2.a I installed everything like the manual says. In the User Account there is a list when the user gets discount, but he doesn't count the total orders. And because of that there is no discount displaying on any order. I have the minimal amount of purchases but nothing is counting up. Does anybody know how i can get this to work?? Thanks
  6. henkbart

    [contribution] Send_order_html_email

    Hello Already solved. Forgotten to upload some files...... Thanks
  7. henkbart

    [contribution] Send_order_html_email

    Hello, I installed the contrib. The welcome message is looking ok. But the order confirmation is showing like : VARHTTP VARSTYLE VARTABLE1 VARLOGO VARTABLE2 EMAIL_TEXT_DEAR H.W. Bartels EMAIL_MESSAGE_GREETING Order Number: 15 Date Ordered:: Wednesday 05 November, 2008 Detailed Invoice: EMAIL_TEXT_PRODUCTS_ARTICLES EMAIL_TEXT_PRODUCTS_MODELE EMAIL_TEXT_PRODUCTS_QTY Total: Post T Simulatie Arnhem Download Yes Post T Arnhe 1 €21.00EUR DETAIL Sub-Total: €24.99EUR Incl. BTW 19,00 %: €3.99EUR Total: €24.99EUR Delivery Address Billing Address , Payment Method Check/Money Order Make Payable To: Send To: Can someone telling me what is going wrong and how i can correct this Thank you
  8. Hello, I have a problem. I'm using the Super Download Shop 1.1 and a Online Payment system Ideal (Dutch) The problem is, when i order a product that i want to download, the Ideal Payment option is NOT shown at the checkout. The other options for Payment are shown!!! Only the Ideal option is NOT show Can someone tell me what is going wrong (or what i'm doing wrong) Henk
  9. henkbart

    [contribution] CGDiscountSpecials

    I have just installed the latest version (1.41b) but i have a problem. When in the Admin i wanted to gif a user a special discount i don't see these options on the screen.. The only thing i see is the normal entries but nothing where i can select the discount. Am i doing something wrong??? Henk
  10. Sorry wrong group
  11. Hello, I'm using this contribution, and is almost what i want. But i wanted to exclude some products(groups) from the count. So i only want the group SOFTWARE to count for the discount rate and not the group HARDWARE for example. Is there anybody who know how to do this??? Or is there another contribution that does this?? Thanks, Henk
  12. Hello, Just add the UPC/ISBN mod to my store. And this is working fine. The only thing i'm looking for is the possiblility to have these numbers on the invoice with the product description. Can anybody tell me if ther is already something writen about that (i didn't find it) or can someone tell me how i can do this. Thanks Henk Bartels