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  1. Dear all, I want to add a new payment module, where I want want to click on checkout, to just open a php page and send to it the order number, cost, currency. How can I do that? Thx
  2. Dear, How can I setup my ecommerce site shippments to be calculated based on weight? Like 1st half kilo for 20$, second half 30$, and each half 10$? Thx
  3. I am searching to the same thing too
  4. ti's wiered, it is working good now
  5. Dear, I am facing a problem with arabic language, strange problem where all things are translated successfully, but in the category names, the last character in any name is replaced by ''. You can check the website here and select the first flag(Lebanon) if it is not shown by default and then seeing the first category. The word "أدوي" is composed from 5 letters, where the last letter is replaced by '', and it is a translation for "medicaments". Note: the product name is shown correctly, the problem is only with categories names. Any solution?
  6. Did you found a solution?
  7. Did you find a solution sir?
  8. Dear my friend, Does there exist any update with your project? Thx