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  1. Hi. I wanted to know what is (in general of course, because each one of you has a diferent opinion) the best contribution for displaying various prices for each product. Thank you all.
  2. hi all. I haven't installed ccc yet, because i have some doughts: do the products listed in the ccc are products from the categories? i mean: the products used in ccc are the products we upload in the categories page, or they are new products that have to be uploaded again? And another thing: i noticed that in the demo at snjcomputers when we choose an AMD board, the Intel processors remain there. Is there any way to: if we choose AMD boards, automaticly reload the processors so that we have only AMD boards compatible? Thanks all.
  3. Sorry. I just saw my post and i forgot that i also added the $logbox in the sts_template.html. Problem solved.
  4. Hi. I am installing the linda's contribution (loginbox), but i still can't see anything, i mean, the contrib doesn't appear on the screen. I started to upload the files [just two files (the first on the boxes directory and the second on the language directory)]. Then i went to columnleft.php (that's were i want the contrib to be) and added the code: require(DIR_WS_BOXES . 'loginbox.php'); // STS: ADD // BOF: WebMakers Added: Login Box My Account $sts_block_name = 'logbox'; require(STS_RESTART_CAPTURE); // EOF: WebMakers Added: Login Box My Account // STS: EOADD Then i went to sts_display_output.php and added the following code: at the ///////////////////////////////////////////// ////// Create custom boxes ///////////////////////////////////////////// i added the following: $template['logbox'] = strip_content_tags($sts_block['logbox'], 'logbox'); and at the ///////////////////////////////////////////// ////// Display HTML ///////////////////////////////////////////// i added the following: echo $sts_block['logbox']; (at the // print column_left stuff) i thought it was just these two files i had to modify, but still, it doesn't seem to.. Could please someone help me? The basic question here is: if i want to add another box, what do i have to do?What files do i have to modify? Thanks people for all this you have created (not just the contrib, but the support also) ....and a Happy New Year.. Bruno Marto @ Portugal
  5. Yet about tell a friend. For all you guys experiencing problems with tell a friend: would you please see if the problem remains when the product you want to tell a friend have a review? I was testing it and i added reviews to products. Then i went to tell a friend about the products i added reviews, and i did not had any problems. For example, the only product that has review in the standart database is "there's something about mary". Go and test that one. For the developer of this contibution (or someone who know more about php than i): would you please look at this? Thank you in advance people.
  6. Hi. This has been asked, but i will ask again hoping someone hear. When we click tell a friend about a product, it will automaticly add that product to my cart. Before STS instalation, it was all fine. Does somebody know what is going on? Thank you people. Bruno Marto
  7. cheta

    Yet about tell a friend

    sorry for the inconvinience, but this post was meant to be a reply of the sts contribution. Can the administrator move it to there? Thanks
  8. Hi everyone, and thank you Brian for this terrific contribution. This has been asked earlier, but still, nobody answer it. The problem is that when we click tell a friend, it automaticly adds the product to the shopping cart. Can someone say what it is wrong? Thanks in advance. See ya.