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  1. fengpi

    Newsletter products, HTML email

    Hey Scott, I'm getting this error after clicking on the save button: 1054 - Unknown column 'products' in 'field list' insert into newsletters (title, content, module, products, template, date_added, status, locked) values ('test', '', 'newsletter_products', '73', '', now(), '0', '0') [TEP STOP] Wonder if you could help me out.
  2. fengpi

    Add charges for Credit Card Purchase

    I'm pretty sure your not allowed to do that. I know you can give discounts for people not using credit cards.
  3. never mind. I found it
  4. Wonder if any one knows the file where i can change the word Model to Status. So in the Catalog instead the customer seeing model he/she will see Status. Thanks.
  5. fengpi

    Paypal Add Percentage + Handling Fee

    Wow that sucks, probably good I just your PayFlow Link. Don't have to deal with those bloody fees.
  6. fengpi

    Shipping problem with usps,ups works ok

    That's a pretty vague error. Could be a number of things. 1. username is wrong 2. password is wrong 3. server is wrong 4. USPS server is down. 5. They don't have your ZIP code registered on your account 6. Admin site -> Configuration -> Shipping and Packing Your Country and Zip could might be entered wrong or not at all. Hope this helps.
  7. How do you remove the Shipping option when it is a UNDEFINED_RATE. Example when your table is: 0.20:2.58,0.44:5.16,0.68:7.74 But the object getting purchased is 2.00? Any help would be greatly appreciated
  8. fengpi

    stupid design question

    I fixed it thanks
  9. fengpi


    You need make a php file in includes/languages/english/shipping Just like the other ones you will find there. Enjoy
  10. fengpi

    stupid design question

    Hey guys, this is my first time using php so any little help would be great. I was just wondering where I could change the names of the shipping modules. So instead of the Customer seeing: Zone Rates or MODULE_SHIPPING_CANADAPOST_TEXT_TITLE (1 x 0.22kgs) MODULE_SHIPPING_CANADAPOST_TEXT_TITLE They would see something alot more nicer. I can't seem to find the file that I could change this. Thanks in advance