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  1. tehsphinx

    Quickly Update Product Stock

    Hi jhande, 1. I put V3.5 on both an 2.2rc2a and 2.2ms2 2.2rc2a just logs me out everytime i try to update 2.2ms2 either tells me that no products have been updated or updates like a minimal amount of them 2. My products are in the 3rd category down so cat-subcat-subsubcat-products 3. I rolled back from 3.7 to 3.5 hoping that might make a difference (apperently not) 4. I've tried updating price, stock & status 5. I've ticked the box at times, the times i've ticked it, it does onthing So i did some experimenting on my 2.2rc2a install and found that (with v3.7) if a category contained upto 24 products, everything would be fine, if there were 25 or more, then it would log me out everytime i hit the update button. Hope that helps. Mike
  2. tehsphinx

    Quickly Update Product Stock

    Hi (agian), Just been testing it out. It seems to only want to update selective products, some items it refuses to change, but with others. no problems at all. No clue why.
  3. tehsphinx

    Quickly Update Product Stock

    Hi, Great Mod firstly :D Is there any chance of getting a column which has the prices including taxes? or just have a toggle option so we can select which prices we want to see. Cheers, Mike
  4. tehsphinx


    Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew if this was compatible with "PayPal Website Payments Pro (US/UK) by dynamoeffects v1.0.2" as from what i can see, i've only ever seen paypal IPN mentioned. Thanks, Mike
  5. tehsphinx

    PayPal WPP Direct Payments & Express Checkout Support

    Hi, I was after some help. I recently installed the WPP 1.0.2 on my MS2-060817 build without any problems. I recently decided to start using my CCGV(trad) module again, which had remained inactive for some time. I double checked all the files to make sure everythin was in good standing and started running some tests. When i successfully do a coupon transaction, due to Order Total Discrepancy, it adds on the exact amount the coupon takes off. From what i read, this shouldn't happen with CCGV (only every other mod), so i've no clue why it does it. Any help would be fantastic trying to get this to work Cheers, Mike (Also Gift Voucher bit of CCGV doesn't seem to work at all - doesn't take anything off the total and charges the full amount.)
  6. tehsphinx

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    Hi, Reading the last 10 or so pages of this tread, i've finally deduced that when people who don't have paypal accounts fill in their billing details on the paypal page, it must match their shipping address (Which could be manually changed to their billing address). Is there anyway it could be set to match either one, instead of one or the other? Or can that just not be done. Also, would the same issue be experienced with 1.4 or only with 2.x.x
  7. tehsphinx

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    Hi, I've been using Paypal IPN (v1.5) for a while and its all been fine, up until this weekend where the server where the website is hosted on got upgraded from apache 1 to 2, php4 to 5 and mysql 4.0 to 5. Now i receive no emails once payment is made nor does the stock update leaving me to believe that the IPN reply from paypal fails. Surely the upgrade wouldn't have affected it that much. I spoke to the hosts and they are lookin to into it. I was wondering if someone here could shed some light as to what could be done to resolve this or if they know what could be causing the problem so i could pass the information on. Thanks, Mike
  8. Hi, I've a quick question. I've had easy Populate installed for a few months.. its been fine. Recently, i went to edit my site so that when an item became sold out the item would remain active, i thought that if i changed the setting below to false $zero_qty_inactive = false that that would work, but everything something becomes sold out, it becomes inactive. Have i misunderstood the setting or is there something else i need to do? Thanks, Mike