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  1. Just2Bad

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    Someone has ever had this problem an know how to fix it ??? every time I make a change to an order every taxes fields are duplicated. So make 3 changes and they appear 3 times but at least they are calculated one
  2. Just2Bad

    Edit order v5.0.9c taxes showing twice

    everytime I change something taxes are duplicated on the screen but
  3. I just installed the latest version of edit order on my site everything working fine except that everythime I edit an order when updated the taxes are showed twice on the invoice but are only chrged one wich is strange and anoying someone have an idea ????
  4. Ok found it.. Now another thing is when you have two languages I saw in the thread somewhere someone talking about it but haven't found the code to solve it
  5. I have a little problem that bug me alot. I have some sub-categories with the same name Exemple : Additives -> Freshwater Additives -> Saltwater Foods -> Freshwater Foods -> Saltwater So when I do a manual or edit an order when I need to select a cat?gory in the list I saw 2 times Saltwater and 2 time freshwater and this is really anoying since I can't know in wichone to go and have to try all of them until I find the product. Is there a way to solve this I have no idea to what to do with that but it's becoming really anoying for me Thanks
  6. Just2Bad

    Archiving delivered orders

    If somebody is releasing something it would be great, I'm not good enough in php to modify it or create it myself....
  7. Just2Bad

    Archiving delivered orders

    I'm really not a php expert but don't you think that a modified version of the cancel order contrib could do the job ???? Cancel Orders v1.0
  8. Hi, is there a contrib that can "archives" delivered orders so you don't have all your finished orders in the orders section but juste the open one. Maybe something like the cancel orders contrib that move the orders to another "folder".
  9. Just2Bad

    COD Fee ???

    you're the man !!! :D working juste fine with very little mod thanks
  10. Just2Bad

    COD Fee ???

    Hi, is there a contribution somewhere that can add the fee of COD shipping to the customer order. Since it's costing 6$ here for a COD we need to charge it back but the defaul module in oscommerce doesn't have the option to add the fee Thanks....
  11. Just2Bad

    Edit-order contrib

    Hi, I've installed the edit order contrib and have a bug with it. I've installed the contrib Canadian separate tax dans cause of that when I edit an order the 2 taxes are resetted to 0 and the taxes aren't recalculated... Aby help please....
  12. Just2Bad


    1- Someone knows where I can find installation instructions for this contrib "price-break-1.1" ??? I have many mods to my site so I have to install this contrib manually... 2- Is there others contrib than price-break-1.1 that can give new prices per items based on quantity discount Thanks..
  13. Just2Bad

    Need Help Quick

    I've installed a contribution "This is a real Canadian Seperate Tax Hack V1.4" This is for dyplaying GST + TVQ s?paratly instead of just displaying the combination of the two, but now the srcipt charge the taxes 2 times instead of one???? Can someboday help me with this please......
  14. Just2Bad

    PDF catalog

    Hi, I alway have this error message when trying to create my catalog "FPDF error: Unsupported image file type: gif" But all my produtcs have JPG files so what's wrong ????? Thanks
  15. Hi, I just install Printable Catalog V 3.0 on my site and it's working great but I'm also using the Call for prices contribution so I have some prices set to 0 999999, 777777 etc. so on the catalog I see those prices and don't want to. Can someone help me with this ?????? Thanks