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  1. I met a new problem: when I add a new product, I use PHP Image Manager to upload an image to a sub-directory, then manually type the directory/file (e.g. group/prod.jpg) in image field, when I click preview, the image cannot be shown, it adds <P></P> pair in the url, the image is mistaken as http://www.xxx.com/images/<P>group/prod.jpg</P> so it won't be shown.
  2. Minor error: Oops, cannot like image? It says htmlArea error: button "insertimgurl" not found in the button list when creating wysiwyg editor for 'product_image'
  3. Great! Also you contrib the combined one, that makes the fresh MS2 installer more happy. :D
  4. How does this contrib work with UltraPics? The intructions are only for standard admin/categories.php, not for UltraPics modified one.
  5. Sorry I mean when add a product then click "preview", the empty image icon shows. If it's inserted, then the mess doesn't show when edit. PS, another problem, it seems the WYSIWYG HTMLArea editor is disabled if use the admin/categories.php file included in the zip file. The instructions to add HTMLArea to categories.php are based on standard MS2, so MaxiDVD would you post an update to include both WYSIWYG editor and UltraPics? Since both of the 2 contibs are your product, and both of them are very helpful.
  6. Thanks MaxiDVD, great work!!! I have one problem, if I only use small and large image, don't use extra images, in catalog, everything shows as it should be, but in admin, lots of empty image icons shown, makes the page difficult to read.