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  1. web-project

    Data Importer

    I personally don't used them, but I will recommend to use the Easy Populate Customers import/export as it's up-to-date and been developed this year.
  2. web-project

    Problem of Purchase without account

    have you followed every installation step? because I have installed several times the same module and never had any issues.
  3. web-project

    Bank Money Transfer Payments

    try the following module: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/285 as for Tax read more about the Tax options as everything is described on oscommerce.com website.
  4. web-project

    Youtube video display

    have you followed installation steps? as I can see the module should store the YouTube URL in database and the product_info.php php code should generate the code for YouTube and show the video on product pages.
  5. web-project

    yet another template issue...

    normally with template you get the commercial support.
  6. web-project

    Item is collect only

    a few modules are available from Add-Ons, do the search.
  7. web-project

    Multi-Store Hang-up

    I don't know much about this contribution, but I can say that the following variables: TEXT_INFO_DATE_ADDED, TABLE_HEADING_CONFIGURATION_VALUE, TABLE_HEADING_CONFIGURATION_TITLE are only because some installation step has been skipped!
  8. web-project

    Template Installation Problem

    contact the Template provider as technical support it should be provided!
  9. web-project

    Is anyone has infobox template?

    As I understood he want different design for his information boxes on his oscommerce installation.
  10. web-project

    Is anyone has infobox template?

    why someone should share infobox template design?
  11. web-project

    Different prices, same templates? what?

    both resellers of templatemonster.com, much better to use custom design.
  12. web-project

    PHP Warnings while using STS

    have you check location: is it correct location?
  13. web-project

    PHP Warnings while using STS

    recheck that this script/logo.php file exists.
  14. web-project

    Must one enter each product into 2co?

    you can upload the products to 2co, but this is optional. Other way you can transfer the item into their cart.
  15. web-project

    Problem after clicking paypal button

    have you uploaded all files from module?
  16. web-project

    Onclick image swap

    using javascript you can enable the image swap, simply do the google search and you will find code.
  17. web-project

    integration problem - please help

    try different module and check the Secret Word in Moneybookers account.
  18. web-project

    Installing a new add-on

    try SQL tab in phpMyAdmin.
  19. web-project

    Paypal and 3rd party cookies

    never had sort of issues while working about 5 years with oscommerce. can be different issue, like incorrectly setup the module.
  20. web-project

    Prepaid Voucher Payment Module

    as it's not connected to any real time systems, you can take for example the "Credit Card" offline module and modify it for your needs.
  21. web-project

    paypal standard

    the secure protocol is not enabled on your website, simply translate the error using the Google Translate service and you will understand in your language.
  22. web-project

    Paypal_IPN v2.3.4.7 and Members Discount v2.2

    it will not help as you need modify the PayPal module to calculate correct sum.
  23. web-project

    Pre-paid card payment module

    but how you know that this card hasn't been used before? very easy create module than, simply use the CC module and modify the validation.
  24. web-project

    Pre-paid card payment module

    could you tell me the Banks name or company where this cards are processed? is it VISA, Maestro and other sort of type cards?
  25. web-project

    Pre-paid card payment module

    does this card issued by bank or your store?