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  1. web-project

    Paypal express checkout problems 2.3.1

    no, customer still confirm the order on seller website, the PayPal express pass the information from the PayPal profile or website (if cc been used)
  2. Check if the payment zone? can be installation issue, messed up the information in database. any other errors?
  3. web-project

    UPS Dimensions + Easy Populate?

    need to modify the Easy Populate module to add extra fields per product.
  4. web-project

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    it's seems to me this version is out of date, as it's possible to set the Google Froogle to collect information from website on daily basis, the xml file can be generated automatically on access of the php file, I have developed sort of module. from 15th of May Google Froogle will change/add some fields like EAN, shipping cost and other information per product.
  5. web-project

    Add on for physical Gift cards.

    very easy to setup: 1) add the gift card as normal product 2) install the coupon/voucher module and use it when you get sale on physical gift card, to register code. ship the physical gift card as normal product.
  6. web-project

    Is this Type of Shipping Possible

    yes, sort of type of shipping is possible
  7. web-project

    Which Google Checkout Module to use?

    both of them should work perfectly if you have the right SSL certificate and your server is not slow to access, as this will cause the issues.
  8. web-project

    PWA problem (has worked before)

    have you installed any other modules after PWA? You need to modify either the mysql table settings or sql insert query.
  9. web-project

    Canadapost Lettermail

    you can install the zone module and simply rename it into Canadapos.
  10. try: if ($specials['specials_new_products_price'] < $products['products_price']){
  11. have you entered all the necessary information for PayPal IPN module?
  12. web-project

    rolling shopping cart

    some similar contribution available.
  13. web-project

    Paypal Website Payments Pro vs. Standard, PCI DSS

    if you are using the Website Payments Pro it's your responsibility to secure your customer CC data. The easiest way to pass the PCI DSS is to have very secure hosting (VPS or dedicated server) with good firewall protection and don't store any CVS information or completely don't store CC information.
  14. web-project

    Experiences with moneybookers

    So far I had a great experience, 2 years I been pist off with their customer service, but last year I have changed my mind, as they better than PayPal, cheaper and checkout is easier for customers. The one very negative point is withdraw money from account - they charge for it.
  15. web-project

    Discount Coupon Codes & PayPal Express

    PayPal Express is not compatible with any discount modules, apart only PayPal discount codes, which you can generate inside of PayPa. The other way is use the PayPal IPN module
  16. web-project

    HTML Templates

    it depends which version of oscommerce do you use? you will need to modify the header, footer and product information and product listing files.
  17. web-project

    Several banks in a single payment module?

    the simple way to take the bank transfer module, copy it, change the classes and use.
  18. web-project

    Several banks in a single payment module?

    do you have one bank account or in all banks of the world? the module sounds to me pointless, as in different country it will be different banks.
  19. web-project

    Europe Cookie Laws

    the law been created by person without any knowledge of web or PC...
  20. web-project

    a stupid question?

    Paypal express is better, cause customers can click on the button and the module will fill the customer information/detail, customer will need to select the shipping and confirm the order on your website, but the installation is different compare to other modules.
  21. web-project

    Ajax search suggest

    use strip_tags function to replace the html tags
  22. web-project

    Several banks in a single payment module?

    Have you checked the Inpay payment gateway, via it you clients can do bank transfers worldwide.
  23. web-project

    EPDQ CPI integration

    the callback script basically post information about the order back to store, using this information the oscommerce update the order status.
  24. web-project

    Purchase Order Module

    The invoice and packing list option is installed by default.
  25. have you modified the easy populate module? or just think the module will process your file without any modification of code?