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  1. does it store anywhere in your database? is it setup to store this additional information?
  2. web-project

    SagePay does it work

    No, need to test and adapt new changes for it.
  3. you can easy modify it and get additional fields for extra images or large images.
  4. web-project

    Free templates for my webshop

    you will not find any!
  5. web-project

    OSC 2.3.1 - CKEditor not showing.

    have you followed all the installation steps or simply skipped some?
  6. web-project

    Generate a series of Coupons?

    No, only one by one, unless you can design the module which will generate it for you.
  7. normally the newsletter module enabled by default.
  8. web-project

    ups choice error on checkout

    have you skipped any parts of installation? like the httpClient class to add to other file?
  9. web-project

    Other delivery module required

    simply modify the language file for Royal Mail Standard Parcels module and edit the name of this module.
  10. web-project

    Multiple products images

    check if the extra images names are loaded from mysql query
  11. web-project

    Moneybooker Installation Manual

    try the following: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/5200 http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/2029 http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/906
  12. web-project

    Store Pick Up

    any errors?
  13. web-project

    Easy Populate

    I think it's different oscommerce version, you will need to update and adjust the code for your oscommerce version.
  14. web-project

    Fix for Detailed Monthly Sales addon

    simply do check the order status, if the order dispatched only than need to count it as successful order. You will need to modify the sql query only. I had exactly the same issue.
  15. web-project

    Account activation for OSC 2.3.1

    I don't think the new module is available for this version.
  16. web-project

    PayPal Express Check out did not work!

    have you enabled the register_globals in the /catalog/ext/modules/payment/paypal/ folder?
  17. web-project

    About Google Analytics in 2.3 version

    you enter the code from google analytics directly to oscommerce template.
  18. web-project


    check if the cache table in your mysql database is exist
  19. web-project

    html to oscommerce

    the oscommerce is software which wrote in php and using mysql which is impossible to convert to basic html website, but the php generate the html pages. The question is so silly, my recommendation to above person to buy the book about the oscommerce and read it.
  20. web-project

    Product not found

    which version do you use?
  21. web-project

    Ultimate Seo Urls 5 Pro --HOW do I Uninstall!

    also need to disable it in admin control panel.
  22. web-project

    payments module

    this error is shows that on the line 25 extra bracket which don't need to have. the errors shows missing language files at the following folder: '/home/d/public_htmlincludes/languages/english/modules/payment/ the above error shows the moneybookers_payment.php is missing at the following folder /home/d/public_htmlincludes/modules/payment/moneybookers/
  23. web-project

    HDFC Payment Gateway

    it's not been developed.
  24. web-project

    Is SSL required for MoneyBookers?

    normally you customers will be redirected to MoneyBookers web pages and it will be secured by MoneyBookers https protocol.
  25. web-project

    Why No Products on Search Engine

    have you submitted your website or xml website map to search engines?