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  1. web-project

    stock level support

    a couple modules are available to install and use it.
  2. web-project

    Worldpay orders description show shop name

    you can use the following: the above code will change the description: "shop name" to "Order No: 111"
  3. web-project

    Best Google Base / Products Feed?

    The "How to setup" video guide is available.
  4. web-project

    Best Google Base / Products Feed?

    I recommend my contribution: oscommerce dot web-project dot co dot uk/2008/05/02/atom-xml-for-google-sitemapsgoogle-base-contribution-v1 You can easily setup it via Google Merchant (old name Google Base) scheduler and google will pick-up automatically the data.
  5. web-project

    customizing paypal on my store

    if you are using PayPal IPN module it does exactly the way as you described (customer create account in your store and only after checkout using the PayPal as payment gateway). Normally the PayPal Express and Google checkout module will generate the account automatically when customer checkout.
  6. web-project

    Paypal IPN Notify URL not workoing for sandbox account

    any errors? have you upload the php.ini file to /ext/modules/payment/paypal_ipn folder?
  7. web-project

    Paypal Payment Pro Direct Payment

    I think the PayPal described about the error: https://cms.paypal.com/uk/cgi-bin/?cmd=_render-content&content_ID=developer/e_howto_api_nvp_errorcodes try to do sandbox tests.
  8. web-project

    customer uploading files in checkout process

    great module to use.
  9. web-project

    Oder Number Display addon wont diplay

    how we can help you, if we don't know where you have insert the code? which file have you used/updated?
  10. web-project

    Oder Number Display addon wont diplay

    not on various screens but on invoice and packing slip only.
  11. web-project

    edit paypal button images

    the images located at /includes/languages/english/images/button/ folder you can simply copy the button_buy_now.gif file and rename it to button_checkout.gif
  12. web-project

    Free shipping over $25

    yes, it can be done with special voucher code system.
  13. web-project


    The KGT Discount coupon code is different to Credit Class & Gift Voucher module, this is a reason it doesn't work and the $order_total['ot_gv'] and $order_total['ot_coupon'] is irrelevant.
  14. web-project

    Free shipping over $25

    try oscommerce admin panel --> Modules --> Order Total --> Shipping Allow Free Shipping --> true Free Shipping For Orders Over --> $25.00 Provide Free Shipping For Orders Made --> national or international simply and easy!
  15. web-project

    Simpleweight addon problem

    try reverse the order: 10:10.00, 15:15.00, 20:20.00, 25:25.00, 30:30.00
  16. web-project

    Manual Order Entry

    the module is available to download from the Add-Ons is it for windows os?
  17. web-project

    Quotation for foreign shipments

    you can use table rate, depends on location of user and weight of the products the cost will be different.
  18. web-project

    Easy Populate

    simply read the installation instruction, very easy to install the module.
  19. web-project

    What i must install first OPC or PWA

    any, the main thing just check the code when you will be installing the second module.
  20. it seems to me incorrect paths, as the system errors shows that protx_formSAFE.php file is missing.
  21. simply replace the tep_mail() oscommerce email function to php mail() function.
  22. need to use the HTML tags in desciption like: my <a href="http://www.my-website.com">link</a> here.
  23. web-project

    Easy Populate not adding categories?

    have your products have the product numbers? without it the module don't work!
  24. web-project

    Shipping and Payment method on basket site

    try the one page checkout module.