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  1. web-project

    Google Checkout Issues

    simply re-check the code on the checkout page/logging page, as it simply incorrectly installed. (I can say the issue in one bracket "}")
  2. web-project

    How do I make paypal payment pro secure

    You need the dedicated IP address enable on your account + you need to purchase the SSL certificate and install it on your web hosting account.
  3. web-project

    Template design

    I haven't seen it.
  4. web-project

    Paypal button appearing in Shopping cart

    Which PayPal module do you use? sounds to me PayPal Express?
  5. web-project

    Credit card offline payment

    Huge difference. I hate phone orders as I don't trust human on the other end of the phone, as I have seen a few of articles that call centres sells illegally the cc details!!!!
  6. you can enable 2 shipping methods on your oscommerce, but use some restrictions: for orders more than 333pd: and the second module for orders less 333pd: I hope the above code will help.
  7. web-project

    Paypal payment link in email after manual order approval

    with manual orders very easy can be added the PayPal button on the order page, where customer can login into his/her account and pay for the order.
  8. web-project

    How to add an error check to the check/money order module

    you can create stupid proof system, as a customer can enter wrong address too :rolleyes::) No connection between two modules, but you can put the message in red colour to ask customers to select right payment method.
  9. web-project

    New Module

    following the following steps: 1) download the new modules from contribution database 2) read the installation steps 3) test it.
  10. web-project

    Paypal Standard non itemizing description

    incorrect as should be: https://www.mysite.co.uk/ext/modules/payment/paypal_ipn/ipn.php don't forget to put the php.ini file into /ext/modules/payment/paypal_ipn/ folder, if you are using in the root folder of oscommerce.
  11. web-project

    Paypal Standard non itemizing description

    you need to install PayPal IPN module, where you can enable the itemizing description (simply set the Transaction Type to Per Item)
  12. web-project

    Cash on Delivery option doesn't appear.

    can be some restriction in the module?
  13. web-project

    Cash on Delivery option doesn't appear.

    check the Payment zone, as it should be set to None
  14. web-project

    Limit number of products in the cart to 10 units

    you can use the following module: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/1250
  15. web-project

    Simple zone issue or maybe not?

    in this case small modification of module can be done to check the client zone and disable it if it's California, otherwise you need to create zone will all states except California.
  16. web-project

    More Categories SQL Fix i need Help

    simply read the error, read again the manual and you will find that you skipped one of installations steps. The variable TABLE_CATEGORIES_MORE_LANGUAGES is not defined in your database.php file, this is the reason why the oscommerce can't find the table
  17. web-project

    have intalled it and works

    tep_draw_hidden_field('ap_itemname', MODULE_PAYMENT_ALERTPAY_PRODUCT_TYPE) . can be changed to: tep_draw_hidden_field('ap_itemname', 'GOODS') . or after <?php in the same file you can add the following (example): <?php define('MODULE_PAYMENT_ALERTPAY_PRODUCT_TYPE', 'GOODS'); ..... your code....... tep_draw_hidden_field('ap_itemname', MODULE_PAYMENT_ALERTPAY_PRODUCT_TYPE) .
  18. no issues, this is the reason why no support thread for it.
  19. it seems to me you are using the zen cart, support for it at zen-cart-power.com!
  20. what do you smoke to tell sort of crap? I can say definitely not cigarettes! I know that the MySQL still will be open source, but for how long? MySQL is very secure in right hands and with right server admin! only unsecured code/undeveloped code does insecure application.
  21. web-project

    Refund system

    Usually done it manually, the refund via PayPal and IPN system will update the order to Refunded.
  22. web-project

    No Shipping to selected country?

    Simply select the None as shipping zone in your shipping module, this way the shipping module will be available to other countries. or simply check the zone settings as probably incorrect setup.
  23. web-project

    Manual Order Maker

    twice declared the do_magic_quotes_gpc function, simply remove one.
  24. web-project

    How change my shopping cart

    you can try to install the following module into your oscommerce: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/6818
  25. web-project

    Supplier Admin Area Contribution

    I personally picked up this module debugged for 2 hours, as the original state has several major bugs.