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  1. web-project

    Need to change url's from protxy to sagepay ?

    I think you can easy modify it, simply open the module file find the Protx URL and replace it with new one.
  2. web-project

    EXTRA IMAGE Add-on - Cant configure

    you need to run the sql patch which will be part of EXTRA IMAGE Add-on, simply re-check the installation steps.
  3. web-project

    Shipping - Payment reverse order..

    It's possible, you need to modify the checkout files.
  4. From my experience I fixed the following way: 1) I uploaded the php.ini file with the following: magic_quotes_gpc=On register_globals=On to the following folder: /YOUR_CATALOGUE/ext/modules/payment/paypal_ipn if the above method don't help, I recommend to check the IPN logs on PayPal and error log on web hosting account to investigate the issue.
  5. web-project

    NEED: osc database to excel export utility

    already available - the module called easy populate, this module allow to export and import the CSV file which compatible with Excel.
  6. yes you can user the HTML, as you can install the WYSIWYG editor.
  7. web-project


    you can create countries zone where you state all countries which you want to use.
  8. web-project

    Google Check out

    Can be the following issues: 1) your URL is unreachable (GC use API to collect data like shipping) 2) if you in UK, the shipping set to use google calculation which is not available for UK. 3) can be the error in code.
  9. web-project

    How to ad fedex module

    simply download it from Add-Ons, unpack, read the installation instruction and follow it.
  10. web-project

    Help on Google site map

    XML Sitemap will help to index your website by Google or Yahoo search engine.
  11. web-project

    Supplier Admin Area Contribution

    haven't seen any issues, any other modules has been installed? probably missed one of installation steps?
  12. web-project

    Supplier Admin Area Contribution

    As I can see the issue is in paths. with this module don't forget to update the supplier configure.php file. P.S. Personally I have provided the help to one to one basis, as I know that this module is not perfect, specially confusing paths, as some people are still using older version of oscommerce.
  13. web-project

    Supplier Admin Area Contribution

    I picked up this module as I needed. I can say that the idea is good, but amour of bugs I have corrected is very ridiculous.
  14. web-project

    Enable shipping module only if sufficient stock

    if ( ($this->enabled == true) && ((int)MODULE_SHIPPING_FLAT_ZONE > 0) && ($any_out_of_stock = 1) ) { it should be if ( ($this->enabled == true) && ((int)MODULE_SHIPPING_FLAT_ZONE > 0) && ($any_out_of_stock == 1) ) { you see the difference? do you have any sql queries for above code, as you copied from somewhere else this code, without SQL query.
  15. web-project

    Urgent ePDQ Help Needed

    check the order totals, if the shipping is enabled.
  16. web-project

    Urgent ePDQ Help Needed

    what sort of version of contribution do you use?
  17. web-project

    Help, how i can save string into orders cc_number field ?

    I don't know this module, but the following code: $order->info['cc_number'] = $refmb; $refmb - should be collected using $_POST method and relevant to field in form which collect the client cc number.
  18. web-project

    Extra product fields

    Have you followed the installation steps? I did installation of this module and haven't notice any issue with it.
  19. web-project

    MSRP or RRP

    I use the MSRP module, probably older version and this module without any % saving. I done different way, see example: http://www.your-discount-store.com/index.php?cPath=75 http://www.your-discount-store.com/product_info.php?cPath=75&products_id=428
  20. web-project

    Best Sellers

    check the right or left column file and add it back.
  21. web-project

    Help, how i can save string into orders cc_number field ?

    proper description of what been done.
  22. web-project

    Bubble Store templates

    ask your template provider to provide you help, as normally the logo image file is stored in the images folder.
  23. web-project

    Security CC code

    This module is not intended to be used with real credit cards from real customers. It is only for demonstrating concepts. You should not be trying to use it. correct, but majority people can't be bothered to read and think about security and usage this module.
  24. web-project

    after pay pal site error

    with sort of description of the error, noone will help you.