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  1. Thank You very much. I'm putting a ticket in now. Hope I don't need to shop for a new host.
  2. I had tried all combinations without success. Installed the new PayPal App into my test store and I'm receving the following error. What version of cURL is required to support TLS V1.2? cURL Version: 7.15.3 cURL SSL Version: OpenSSL/0.9.8b Default Setting: Failed TLS v1.2: Failed A connection to PayPal could not be made using TLS v1.2. Please consult with your hosting provider to upgrade the cURL version that is installed with your PHP web server to support TLS v1.2 connections. This must be performed by June 30, 2017 otherwise connections will continue to fail.
  3. Refreshed my test store and I'm receiving the following error from all the modules. Sandbox Server: Failed! Please review the Verify SSL Certificate settings and try again. The test store doesn't have a real SSL Cert. (it's self signed). So, I ran a quick test in my production store with the same results. Now my question is... is this a coding issue, or a server configuration issue?
  4. I'm using PayPal Payments Pro (Direct Payment) v3.1 ( Will it work after all the PayPal security upgrades later this year?​ Or, do I have to upgrade to the App?
  5. Will these work after all the PayPal security upgrades later this year? I saw a post that made me think you have to upgrade to the PayPal App.
  6. Hi all... I appologize if this has been ask and answered, I searched without success. I installed the module without issue. I also configured the Shipping Module without issue. But, when clicking on the menu item to configure Separate Shipping - Shiping Rates I get an empty screen with just the title "Separate Shipping Rates 1.81" and the search box. No errors and nothing else on the screen. Any ideas??? Thanks in advance. Henry
  7. Did some research with quotes from test server and quotes from the DHL Website... The contribution is returning commercial delivery rates... If you're like us, most our deliveries are residential... and therefore higher service charge. I sent email to one of the latest contributers via his website... Hopefully I'll get something... I'm also going to email DHL...