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  1. hello, I'm a new member on this forum and I have a problem with this contribution. Everything seems to work fine but when I access the php file (googleSitemapCategories.php, googleSitemapManufacturers.php, googleSitemapProducts.php) it generates a XML feed but with some errors. Instead of <priority>0.1</priority> (0 dot 1) tag, the tag look like <priority>0,1</priority> (0 comma 1), invalid markup. It only appears at some 0.1 values (values above that are correct, with a dot). http://www.hwshop.ro/googleSitemapProducts.php http://www.hwshop.ro/googleSitemapCategories.php http://www.hwshop.ro/googleSitemapManufacturers.php Can anyone help me?