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  1. Please tell did you setup the SSL configuration during the installation of the template??? as when you get to the account page it turns to https server. BTW I'd be happy to help for free :)
  2. andy.markus

    Template system

    Some one please answer there is only one way to register a new template by placing the file to admin/includes/templates the file includes code of a template class. But there is no way to install a template through admin panel. More then that even if you place the template and register it, when you enable it as a default one it does not change the layout, means that the template did not change. May be I do not understand the way it works if so some one please explain... Thank you.
  3. andy.markus

    Template system

    Hi, Have a short question, will there be a template installation system? I have not seen the way of installing and using other templates then 2 that are supplied. If it is planned to be done I'd be happy to participate in development process. Thank you.