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  1. dotcom012

    Standard Pricing for all items

    I understand that. The problem that I run into with that is, my store allows say, you, the customer can upload a product. With that said, I don't want to have to go back in and give something attributes every time a customer uploads something. Say you upload something and want to buy that image right then. If its 2am and no one is there to log in and view every upload and change it, there wont be a price. I need a generic price to be established so it will always be there regardless of the product that is displayed.
  2. Hello, I am nearly complete with my store except for one thing. We will offer items that will come in rolls. Customers can chose different patterns and such but I want the prices to be the same for every item. I would like some radio buttons so that customers can chose different size lengths and in turn, the prices will be next to each. For instance: Someone chooses and image or artwork they want to buy, on that page, instead of displaying the price which it does now, I want a list of Fabrics it can be printed on and below that, the sizes we offer. This way, the customer can chose something, then pick the type of fabric they want it on, then right below it, chose how long they want it. I tried to search around for some contributions that offer some thing like that. I haven't found one unless I'm searching for the wrong thing. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  3. dotcom012

    Allow users to upload items to store

    Thanks Chris for your response. In a nut shell, is that what I am looking for is a marketplace application to allow people to upload there own items? Thanks again.
  4. Is there a way for customers to upload items to a store? I would like a way that customers can chose other ideas that say other customers have uploaded. I would like for my customers to be able to share ideas and be able to purchase patterns or items that others have uploaded. They would still check out through me, but this way if someone liked someones Idea, they can purchase it. Simply put, a customer can log into there account and either chose stuff that is avaiable or upload there own image of what they want. That image would be visable in their account plus other can view it and have the option to buy that item. Thanks Scott
  5. dotcom012

    Having users customize their own stuff

    Would you happen to know some names? If I have to pay that would be fine also. Thanks again
  6. Is there an add on that will allow customers to customize a product. Say you want to make your own fabric or change something on one that is already for sale, is there something that can allow someone to do that?
  7. I have the Year, Make, Model add-on installed. Is there a way to get the search option to search this on the page? Right now, the search only looks in the product description. So if someone searches a part for a car, it always says, no products can be found. Any ideas? Thanks Scott
  8. dotcom012

    Car Search

    This is off another site. it gives the customer the ability to search for parts that fit their vehicle. This is what i am looking for. Anyone have an idea of what the add-on name is. Thanks Scott
  9. dotcom012

    Car Search

    I am seeing on some live shops the ability to specify a certian car and have the shop find all the parts that fit that model. Where can i find this add-on. Thanks Scott
  10. I get this following message after installing the Wish List Contrib. I checked my database and the table is there. Any thoughts error: 1146 - Table 'db201966760.TABLE_COUNTER' doesn't exist select startdate, counter from TABLE_COUNTER Thanks Here it is if you want to see it: Error at bottom of page
  11. Looking to see if there is a way to have more then 1 picture for products, say a small box at the bottom that will have different images a user can click on. Does anything like this exist. Thanks
  12. dotcom012

    Gift Vouchers 5.19

    I installed the Gift Voucher contribution but now this is what it looks like, Sub Total: 1000.00 Total: 1000.00 Discount Coupon: -700.00 Thats it, when the order goes through it tries to charge the whole 1000.00 instead of the 300.00 that is should after the coupon is subtracted. This is what i thought it would look like. Sub Total: 1000.00 Total:1000.00 Discount Coupon: -700.00 Grand Total: 300.00 Does anyone know why it wont do that. Thanks
  13. I installs the RMA Contribution, but when someone goes to track one, it prompts them to login, upon logging in, you input the rma number that you wich to track and when you hit "Find Return", it loops back to the login area. Any suggestions. Everything else works fine, you can submit them, update them and everything else, except track it. Any Suggestions??? Thanks
  14. Is there a contribution that will show something like the following: Regular Price:$399.99 Sale price: $ 299.99 You Save: $ 100.00 Anything like that? thanks Scott
  15. I went throught the control panel and added a coupon. But when you try to use it, this is the message taht appers. Can anyone help??? Thanks