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  1. I installed the contribution and everything works fine. However, the system doesn't seem to accept names with apostrophes (i.e. O'Hara. D'Alessandro, ecc.). To make it work, I had to cut off from admin or the database all the apostrophes. More precisely, when a customer fills out the form to send someone a gift voucher, in the next page - before the email is sent - he/she sees the name of the recipient with a slash (i.e. O'Hara turns into O\'Hara, D'Alessandro into D\Alessandro, etc.). Thi is not nice to see. Then, when hitting the button send, the next page displays an sql syntax error referring to the "coupon_email_track" field. The problems address the "sent_lastname" field, of course. I haven't encountered this problem elsewhere in oscommerce ms2, 'cause names with apostrophes are accepted. Any clues?
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    I installed this menu and tried the one from John Guerra too, but I found the same problem with the two: that is, when going to a page where scrolling fields are (such as categories/manufacturers scrolling boxes in advanced search), these ones cover completely the sub-menus. My setup is a dhtml vertical menu with submenus. John Guerra told me I should check for "Z Order": I read something about it, but anyway, I didn't fix the problem. Any ideas?
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    [Contribution] Allow Guest Reviews

    Hi there. I installed this contribution and it works fine. The problem is in the name displayed on the catalog side for guests: when name and last name with apostrophes are inserted (i.e. D'Amato) they are then displayed with a slash (D\'Amato) which is not very nice to see...In the admistration panel the names are ok. Any ideas? Many thanks in advance bittercreek
  4. Hello there. I installed this module (Allow guest reviews) and it works fine. The problem is on the catalog side, because when inserting names or last names with apostrophes (i.e. D'Amato), the resulting name displayed for guests is with a slash (D\'Amato), which is not very nice to see...in the adminstration panel the names is displayed ok. Any suggestions/fixes? Many thanks in advance Manuel