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  1. Hi, I downloaded it and went through it, found install.html... I could not find anything about how do I make them available to my customer to buy, I know I must be looking in the wrong place. Where can I find the doc for this...? Thank you,
  2. Hi Strider, Yes, I receive email for this post. Thank you for replying... I installed Linda's "Shoppe Enhancement Controller" and I did not see anything in the installation doc about setting up a ?gift cert just like a normal product?... I could have missed it. :rolleyes: Anyway... thank you!
  3. Hi, Can someone tell me how a customer can... Purchasing Gift Vouchers. Gift Vouchers are purchased just like any other item in our store. You can pay for them using the stores standard payment method(s). Once purchased the value of the Gift Voucher will be added to your own personal Gift Voucher Account. If you have funds in your Gift Voucher Account, you will notice that the amount now shows in he Shopping Cart box, and also provides a link to a page where you can send the Gift Voucher to some one via email. I can Email/Send Gift Voucher To Customers, I can redeem them... BUT how do I make them avable to my customer to buy????? The is no clue to the customer in the order process... Thanks,
  4. MeMadMax

    loginbox + autologin

    Hi, Did you ever findout how to add "auto login" in the loginbox? Thanks,
  5. MeMadMax

    Gift Certificate.

    Hi Did I miss something? The only time a customer can buy/send a gift voucher is at checkout, if a customer does not buy something how will then send a gift voucher to a friend? Is there a gift voucher infobox? thanks
  6. MeMadMax

    Sold Out module

    Hi Yes, I have installed Linda's SEC - Shoppe Enhancement Controler and it has what I needed... works grate! Thanks,
  7. MeMadMax

    Sold Out module

    Hi, Is this message thread dead... should I post it in a different forum? I am selling one-of-a-kind... I want to change the "buy now: button to "Sold" I have tried the search, but a lot of irrelevant topics showed up. I have went to your shop and checked it out, can you give me the name of that module or point me to that thread? Thanks
  8. Hi, I have installed "information pages unlimited and WYSIWYG " contribution, I have searched and searched but can not find the info on making these 2 contribution work together, I went back 20 or so pages and still no luck... Please can anyone tell me how to combine the two contributions. Thank you,
  9. Hi djriel, Not yet... but it is not the checkout_payment.php , I think it is calling another file that is missing.... I added the checkout_payment.php from the download and it still gave the same error.... So I don't know where to look. The bummer is if I start all over it could do the same thing. If you findout let me know..ok. Good luck, Jim
  10. Hi, Fatal error: Call to undefined function: count_contents_virtual() in /usr/home/g/l/public_html/catalog/checkout_payment.php on line 79 if (!tep_session_is_registered('comments')) tep_session_register('comments'); $total_weight = $cart->show_weight(); $total_count = $cart->count_contents(); $total_count = $cart->count_contents_virtual(); //ICW ADDED FOR CREDIT CLASS SYSTEM Line 79 is //ICW ADDED FOR CREDIT CLASS SYSTEM why would this error? I just installed credit_class_gv_dc_v5.05, did I miss something?
  11. MeMadMax

    Sold Out module

    I am also looking for this... I want to change the "buy now: button to "Sold" anyone have a fix for this?
  12. MeMadMax

    SOLD one-of-a-kind

    I am selling one-of-a-kind(s) and would like it to read SOLD when it is sold. Do I need to use one of the ad on contrib to do this? I don't want "Sold Out" just SOLD. Jim
  13. MeMadMax

    A Coming Soon Box

    A Coming Soon box I would like to change Upcoming Products from a line of text at the bottom of the default page to a box in either column right or left with a picture of the product. Also have to figure out how to keep a Coming Soon... product from showing up in New Products section. Has anyone done this yet... no need to reinvent the wheel! Jim
  14. Hi, I just installed WYSIWYG Editor, and I see in the admin page WYSIWYG Editor 1.7 did I just install an old version??? I hope not! :? Thanks,
  15. Hi, I just successfully installed WYSIWYG Editor, piece of cake! :wink: Well, it works on the catalog-product but how do I get it to edit the other files like? mainpage, privacy, shipping, conditions, etc. Thanks,