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  1. darkwing

    Table Rates w/Prices Only Give First Rate

    Ok...got it working. Here is what I did. Hopefully it will work for you as well. http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1446 Do not use the more robust install/uninstall (latest) contribution. Use the one where tylerhall says on Nov 3 I uninstalled, reinstalled, put in my tables and it worked. Now I am going to change the text to reflect what I want it to say instead of "USA Light Packet" etc. Hope this helps others. Darkwing
  2. darkwing

    table rate shipping not working at all

    I'm having the same issues Newtech and I'm also looking for a solution. Darkwing
  3. darkwing

    Table Rates w/Prices Only Give First Rate

    I'm having the exact same problems. I've checked tare weight and max weight shipped etc, and am not using PayPal, but shipping method always pulls the first value from the table rather than the proper price (I go by price, not weight). If there is anything that anyone knows, please post. Darkwing