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  1. Hi all, I am looking for a contrib that could help people know, when selecting an attribute (size for example), know if it is in stock and the appx delivery time. For example I want to buy a product, while selecting the attribute, the size, OSC displays a message below the attribute box saying "In stock, delivery within 48 hours ..." or "On order ... delivery within 2 weeks ..." ... Hope someone can help. Regards,
  2. Export orders into csv

    Hi, Sorry I don't have this problem. Have you checked that your new server is actually having the exact same configuration as the old one? Take a look at your php.ini and mainly at the register_globals option. Regards,
  3. Export orders into csv

    Hi, You will find the full package in the contribs area on the main osc website. Search for "export orders into csv". Full package is available under the first link "Export Orders into CSV v2.0" then other people have corrected a few things that you may want to implement. Regards,
  4. Export orders into csv

    Hi, Sorry for the long delay ... You need to change the exportprder.php file, it is the one that contains the queries and that creates the CSV file. Regards,
  5. Export orders into csv

    Oups ... no quotes sorry and it is being spellet ORDER BY (space between order and by) :-)
  6. Export orders into csv

    Hi, sure thing, you can barely do whatever you like :-) You can change the queries that are in the exportorders.php file and even make another little contrib so it exports exactly what you want.
  7. Export orders into csv

    Hi, Yes you need to select the corresponding invoice number in the export orders query. I have not looked into it so I don't know if the invoice number is in the table we are querying here. If yes, simply add the name of the field within the query, if not then you might have to make a join.
  8. Export orders into csv

    Hi, those are two different things. If you want the detail of the order then yes, you need to modify the queries in order to extract the data you like. The way it is done so far is that it exports the total of the order so if you have two products within it, you will get only one line with the total amount for the two products.
  9. Export orders into csv

    Hi, If you want to export other data, you need to modify the queries within the file (SELECT ...) and play with SQL to get the data you need.
  10. Export orders into csv

    Hi, Yes this is normal as this is exporting the total of the order. If you want to get the product lines, you will need to modify the queries and add a join with the product table and possibly the customers table to get the product id, ...
  11. Export orders into csv

    Hi, Not just as is but you can modify the contribution to get what you want. This would be like creating a little new contrib adding a customer field in order to select the customer name and then modifying the query so it selects only the orders of this selected customer.
  12. Export orders into csv

    Hi, Sorry for the long reply I haven't been around for a while. The orderby statement should be placed at the end of your sql query. Here is a simple example : SELECT * FROM tablenamegoeshere ORDERBY fieldnamegoeshere So in the files, you have queries that are selecting the orders, simply add ORDERBY followed by the field you want to sort between quotes.
  13. Export orders into csv

    Hi, Simply by changing the orderby statement in your sql query in the exportorders.php file. David
  14. Export orders into csv

    Hi, Normally you should get the description of the item. Have you modified in any way the exportorders.php? David
  15. Export orders into csv

    Hi, Yes you can.In the export orders file, find the select query that selects the fields that should be exported. Just add the fields you want within the query (as long as they are in the same table. If this is not the case, you will have to join two tables). Then where you see "Queries 1" ... to 9 you can play with this to add the information you need. Regarding your second question, I didn't really look into the file but you could add something like this that will display the number of exported orders on your page : $reccount = (integer) mysql_query("Select COUNT(orders_id, date_purchased, customers_name, cc_owner, customers_company, customers_email_address, billing_street_address, billing_city, billing_state, billing_postcode, billing_country, customers_telephone, delivery_name, delivery_company, delivery_street_address, delivery_city, delivery_state, delivery_postcode, delivery_country, cc_type, cc_number, cc_expires) from orders"); echo 'Number of exported records : $reccount' ; David