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  1. Huh, that fixed it. Something was not getting deleted when I uploaded it previously. This time I backed up the files and deleted them from the server, then replaced them with the package. Thanks for the help.
  2. That is really strange, I just downloaded it, uninstalled the old one and isntalled it again. I am downloading this: Is this due to the fact that the store is 2.3? Or that I have to manually delete something from the SQL tables or something? Thanks.
  3. Just a note, I went and deleted all of the possible options except priority mail, it still gives the error. The USPS logo comes up, but right under that is the error: -2147219101 Missing value for Service. I have all four "display" options checked, and "Domestic Types have changed" is set to false, although I would think that all options should work. I emailed USPS yesterday, they told me that the account was live and ready to go on the production server. I am not sure why it quit working before, but I have uninstalled the old one and reinstalled this one again, and it gives the same error. Hrm.
  4. Very few for now, First class Domestic, Priority Domestic, and Priority International.
  5. That is the one I am using. USPS has emailed me an told me that the account is LIVE. I am still getting the error... -2147219101 Missing value for Service. Any ideas?
  6. I just installed USPS Rate V4, Intl Rate V2 on OSC 2.3... as the stock module just stopped working. I emailed USPS and received a new account thinking it was a change or that the account failed. The installation seems to have worked, and I see the USPS module in the admin and the options seem ok... but when you go to checkout, this error comes up: -2147219101 Missing value for Service. Google only shows me some old error from 2007... does anyone have an idea as to what is failing? Thanks.