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  1. Hi Cord ypur solution it seemed to have done the trick the mail get send ok now with all pictures in it thanks Arthur
  2. thanks Cord i will try to do that i wil l let you know if it worked and we get rid of the dot by the way i don't have 2.3 yet i tried to install this but it didn't work after installing i opened mailbeez to let the program do the automatic install thing but i got an error, as i did back up right it took me some effort to get the 2.02 install back on his feet again i don't remember exactly what the error was , i belive it could find some files he needed for the install sorry about that Arthur
  3. in production mode , still the problem ocures , i have noticed again i hope some one kmows what the problem could be to summon up its only with one product category (special with this that there all small picurnames like fw100.jpg it doesn't happen in simulation mode if google analitics is on or of doensn't matter thanks Arthur
  4. i just tried with google analitics on in simulation mode and than it seems to work ok too Arthur
  5. Hi Cord i just tried in simulation mode and with google analitics disabled if does send all pics and makes no mistakes Arthur
  6. hi Cord i use php 5.2.9 i did n't try to disable analytics yet as i diidn't have te send any email out at the moment , and then it affects only a part of the mails only customers who bpout from that product group and more than two items but i will try that next time i send out mails Arthur
  7. hi Card what i noticed this only ocures on one specific product group this product group has short image names like fw100.jpg the first one ore to images get shown but the rest of the array the pictures get the double point maybe this helps Arthur
  8. just a question i am using succesfully mailbeez for some time now but every once in a while i notice not all productpictures get loaded in the email what happens when i look at the code of the email mailbeez put an extra dot. between de name and the jpg extension on the picture so it becomes ..jpg here you can see it in the code , strange thing it happens not will all pictures even in one email sometimes the first two go ok but than the code changes into the ..jpg anybody has an clue ? thanks Arthur <br> <img src="http://www.vliegeruit.com/osc/imagemagic.php?img=images/fw302.jpg&w=150&h=221&page=" alt="Hellfire and Back (180 pages, Hardback) (FW302)" title="Hellfire and Back (180 pages, Hardback) (FW302)" align="left" border="0" height="221" hspace="10" vspace="0" width="150"><a href="http://www.vliegeruit.com/osc/product_reviews_write.php?products_id=27435&utm_source=MailBeez&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=review">Hellfire and Back (180 pages, Hardback) (FW302)</a> <br> <br> <a href="http://www.vliegeruit.com/osc/product_reviews_write.php?products_id=27435&utm_source=MailBeez&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=review"> <img src="http://www.vliegeruit.com/osc/includes/languages/dutch/images/buttons/button_write_review.gif" alt="Schrijf review" title="Schrijf review" border="0"></a> <br clear="all"> <br> <img src="http://www.vliegeruit.com/osc/imagemagic.php?img=images/fw219..jpg&w=150&h=202&page=" alt="Cassino (152 pages)" title="Cassino (152 pages)" align="left" border="0" height="202" hspace="10" vspace="0" width="150"><a href="http://www.vliegeruit.com/osc/product_reviews_write.php?products_id=26682&utm_source=MailBeez&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=review">Cassino (152 pages)</a> <br> <br> <a href="http://www.vliegeruit.com/osc/product_reviews_write.php?products_id=26682&utm_source=MailBeez&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=review"> <img src="http://www.vliegeruit.com/osc/includes/languages/dutch/images/buttons/button_write_review.gif" alt="Schrijf review" title="Schrijf review" border="0"></a> <br clear="all"> <br>
  9. just to let people know it is solved by the BUY NOW Button Fix for the SEO module it was causing this problem also for review pages Arthur
  10. thanks for your reply unfortunatly it didn't do the trick it even got a bit worse as it doens login any more in the the way it was you would get logged in only as you were redirected to the login page you does see your self logged in her is my code i have know // navigation history if (tep_session_is_registered('navigation')) { if (PHP_VERSION < 4) { $broken_navigation = $navigation; $navigation = new navigationHistory; $navigation->unserialize($broken_navigation); } } else { tep_session_register('navigation'); $navigation = new navigationHistory; } $navigation->add_current_page(); any more ideas ? i have started an new topic about this so we don't mess up this topic http://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/373426-review-login-loop-or-so/ arthur
  11. Hi Thanks for this great contribution I tried the review module and came across an problem: I am having a Login.php looping issue, but it only happens when the log in page is access from the "write review" button clicked by a customer who is not logged in. When log in is submitted, the login page just refreshes over and over, but if you navigate to a product page, you are actually logged in. Log in from the Index page works normal and the customer is redirected to Index.php as designed. I am not getting any reviews because this is confusing customers, any ideas why the login is looping only when access from the write review button? Due to this problem customers who click the write review button in the the email just get into this loop. Thanks For the help Arthur
  12. Hi Sam as requested i will comment in this topic instead of the topic on product listing sort my original question was : you responded My comment i was aware that this is not an easy mod to build , therefore i am searching for people who know what they are doing several of my suppliers have this option build in their webshop one of them is murphy magic: see example http://www.murphysmagic.com/Search.aspx?a=16&c=108 (althought not oscommerce site) therefore i was wondering if this could be done, i my self think it would be a great addition especially for large productlisting with lots of changes every week so returning visitors have an easy update and see the latest additions first but than easily can change their sort view to bestesellrs or A-Z or price range Arthur
  13. vlieger

    new added products

    hi thanx but yes i looked there but its not what i think i need as i still also what to order by name a-z and price and i believe on that topic you alter the way of the listing , is not an addition to the current way but maybe i did understand it right arthur
  14. vlieger

    new added products

    hi everyone as i have some long product lists i want to give more attention to newly added products i am looking for an way to sort the productlist also by date added instead of now only price and a-z is the an module for this to have a better product sort ? i seard quit a time and i have not found it all help is welcome thnx ahead Arthur Vlieger
  15. its solved by zrxRaver (dutch) all credits and thanks to him $sql = 'SELECT `products_description` FROM `products_description` WHERE products_id ='.$listing['products_id'].' && language_id='.(int)$languages_id; $description_query = tep_db_query($sql); $description = mysql_fetch_array($description_query, MYSQL_ASSOC); $stripped_description = strip_tags($description['products_description']); $short_description = substr($stripped_description, 0, 200); $desc_len = strlen($description['products_description']); $description['products_description'][$desc_len-1] = '.'; $description['products_description'][$desc_len-2] = '.'; $description['products_description'][$desc_len-3] = '.'; switch ($column_list[$col]) { case 'PRODUCT_LIST_MODEL': $lc_align = ''; $lc_text = ' ' . $listing['products_model'] . ' '; break; case 'PRODUCT_LIST_NAME': $lc_align = ''; if (isset($HTTP_GET_VARS['manufacturers_id'])) { $lc_text = '<b><a href="' . tep_href_link(FILENAME_PRODUCT_INFO, 'manufacturers_id=' . $HTTP_GET_VARS['manufacturers_id'] . '&products_id=' . $listing['products_id']) . '">' . $listing['products_name'] . '</a></b><br>' . $short_description . '<a href="' . tep_href_link(FILENAME_PRODUCT_INFO, 'manufacturers_id=' . $HTTP_GET_VARS['manufacturers_id'] . '&products_id=' . $listing['products_id']) . '">' . DESCR_READ_MORE . '</a>'; } else { $lc_text = ' <b><a href="' . tep_href_link(FILENAME_PRODUCT_INFO, ($cPath ? 'cPath=' . $cPath . '&' : '') . 'products_id=' . $listing['products_id']) . '">' . $listing['products_name'] . '</a></b> <br>' . $short_description . '<a href="' . tep_href_link(FILENAME_PRODUCT_INFO, ($cPath ? 'cPath=' . $cPath . '&' : '') . 'products_id=' . $listing['products_id']) . '">' . DESCR_READ_MORE . '</a>'; } break;