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  1. rexxy

    [Addon} Modular Front Page

    How can I add another text module?
  2. rexxy

    Table rate based on number of items

    Ahh I had to "remove" the table rate module first, the instructions say "disable it" which now I know means "remove it" , not click the enable or disable radio button like I did..
  3. I'm trying to setup oscommerce and am having trouble with the shipping module. Our store calculates the shipping cost based on the number of items. EG: up to 10 items = $5 , up to 20 items = $10 , etc. I tried to install the contribution called Table shipping based on number of items v1.0 but after uploading table.php to: catalog/includes/modules/shipping and logged out and in to admin, I was still only offered two options in the Table shipping module - weight and price Does anyone please have any ideas on why the contribution didn't work or a way I can setup Table shipping based on number of items? Any help or ideas would be much appreciated, thanks.