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  1. Hi, I'm considering using Easy Populate for my new site since it's taking me about 15-30 minutes to create a new product with all the bell&whistles. Now I'm confuse with the many versions of EP and they go up and down in the version #. Any recommendation? I 'm using RC1 and had not modified the categories or products code. I use English and spanish languages and the following Contribs: HTC, STS TinyMCE . Thanks
  2. Jack, Now you know that I'm not a developer jeje. Problem resolved. I leaved a "?>" delimiter when replacing some code in the catalog/index.php file. I removed it and WALAA! thanks for your help. Tommy
  3. Hi I just installed HTC v2.6.3 in OSC RC1 with STS v4.5.8 but is off right now because is not showing the meta tags. I get the code below in the page when I select a sub-category (2nd level) for example hardware/Graphics cards or hardware/Printers, if I select a 1st level category like hardware or DVD movies everything is ok and the title and the other meta tags are ok. Please help!
  4. if you have permission problems when using 755 or 777 try 775, that was the correct one in my case.
  5. tferrer

    Getting USPS Shipping going...

    Guys, Is working now!!! perfect!!!! Note: I don't needed to call them, I just emailed them with the questions yesterday and they reply giving me the production server address and some other tips that I don't needed to do. Thanks and good luck! Tferrer
  6. tferrer

    Getting USPS Shipping going...

    I sent an email to the USPS API group explaining this situation and asking them if they are aware of this? maybe they know the fix.
  7. tferrer

    Getting USPS Shipping going...

    I'm having the same problem. Does anyone knows the answer ? thanks