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  1. davidinottawa

    Administration Access Level Accounts 2.0

    Ah ha! nevermind - got it sorted by using the Members Group --> New Permission tab. david
  2. davidinottawa

    Administration Access Level Accounts 2.0

    Hi Don - re: The only control you have for each user is setting the file permissions. WHERE do I do this ? I created an Admin account and a Customer Relations account When I log in as Admin, and I go to the Admin "Boxes" Menu - I seem to be able to only control the files that Admin sees. I expected that if I logged in as Admin - I would then be able to turn the files on/off for any other account holder. However - as far as I can tell - the logged in user has the control over which files to turn on/off. How does this make sense ?????? I must be missing something. As an Admin, how do I control the viewable files for Customer Relations users ? THANKS - david