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  1. Getting an error as follows when I click on Categories/Products in Admin: Fatal error: Call to undefined function: tep_get_category_description() in /hsphere/local/home/shopnow/fordgroup.ca/admin/categories.php on line 938 Any thoughts on what could cause this. I am pretty new to most of this so any and all suggestions would be most appreciated!!
  2. WorldPay - Callback

    Hello: Text below is from install.txt for Worldpay v4.0 Version 1.9. I am having the problem outlined. Pardon my ignorance but I am assuming this is dealt with via phpmyadmin. However, if I go to phpmyadmin order_status and then browse, the order status values and names appear to be in place. Am I missing something? I have noticed a number or references to this problem of orders not appearing in admin/orders once processing has occured but can't find a suggested resolution other then the one proposed below which does not seem to apply to me. Any help is much, much appreciated. ____________________ ps. I found that orders were not appearing in my admin screen once payment had been received. I found this was nothing to do with the payment module but that 3 rows were missing from the order_status table. INSERT INTO orders_status VALUES (1, 1, 'Pending'); INSERT INTO orders_status VALUES (2, 1, 'Processing'); INSERT INTO orders_status VALUES (3, 1, 'Delivered'); Will reslve this problem. Only do this if you experience the same problem.
  3. WorldPay - Callback

    Answer to my own post. The problem was the callback url used in worldpay admin. Do not use the quotes: https://<wpdisplay item="MC_callback"> Should be: https://<wpdisplay item=MC_callback> Same goes for http.
  4. [Contribution] STS v4

    Hey Kathy: Re problem with STS not appearing under Modules in the oscommerce administration control panel Did what you suggested and copied all the admin files within catalog/admin over the admin files within the root admin folder. Voila, STS now appears under Modules in the oscommerce administration control panel. Thanks!!!!!! Colin
  5. [Contribution] STS v4

    Similiar problem noted on post under general Templates and Images. Assume this is the most recent version of STS as well. Dec. 5, 12:17 PM Andy Ide Hi all, Just installed STS and its link is not showing in modules in my admin area. Any hints on how to get the link ahappening? Andy
  6. [Contribution] STS v4

    Similar problem. Latest version/virgin installation of osc and an install of STS/HTC (STSv4.3.2_HTCv2.6_1.zip) succesful up until Configuration section then no STS/HTC under Admin - Modules. What are we missing? Love to go with work with what looks to be a wonderful tool. Thanks to all working on it.