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  1. BackyardRacing

    Google XML Sitemap SEO

    Hello Jack thank you for this great addon! i installed everything and tried out. I get a "success" on every xml file and checked the data. The URL's seems to be fine. But they are in standard form, not in SEO optimized URL form. example: i have this in the xml file: http://www.backyard-racing.ch/shop/product_info.php?products_id=4290 but i have this url when i follow the link, which i think is better: http://www.backyard-racing.ch/shop/product_info.php?pName=dandee-tshirt-hardrideflash-blau-s&cName=freizeitbekleidung-tshirts Now, does this make any difference how google accepts and rates the links in the sitemap? If yes, how can i try to generate xml files with SEO optimized URL output? Last Question: which file do i have to link in google webmastertool? is it ok to link to sitemapindex.xml? Or is it better to link each sitemapproducts, sitemapcategories etc separately? Thank you very much! Regards Oliver
  2. BackyardRacing

    add this button

    I have exactely the same problem! but thats not an "addthis" problem, but more a link problem in OSC. Why? Try to share a link to your product directly in facebook in the "what are you doing" box. No picture or description found! i am searching forums and google about that quite a while. but have not found any easy fix for that...
  3. BackyardRacing


    hi there i installed and configured sitemonitor successful. It runs fine except one problem. I cannot exclude one folder. It doesn't work. I tried to choose from folderlist, tried to include it manually, tried to write it before other folders or after, nothing works! All other folders who i am excluding are working! I have read everything within the contrib, i added quotes and commas. what the heck can be the problem here? Thank you for a great contribution! Regards Oliver
  4. BackyardRacing


    That helped! thanks a lot!
  5. BackyardRacing


    Hi thanks for this great contribution! I installed, fixed some problems already by reading this thread and it's working fine now. But i have one problem that i cannot fix: When the cronjob executes, i always receive mails with the same found differences. I go to admin, delete and create a new reference file, and one hour later with the next execution of the cronjob the same mails arrive, with the same found differences. IT seems that the cronjob works with an outdated reference file. Can there be any issue with caches? Or what could be the problem here? Thanks for any advices! Oliver [edit] oh, i just found an old reference file in ~_path (root directory). I have no idea how this file comes in the root! The new and actual reference file is in the public-html/catalog/admin/. Why does the cronjob work with the file in the root??
  6. i forgot, here is my config: Folder "thumbnails" is created and has CHMOD 777 (as like all subfolders and files in it) Help support the OSC Image Magic Project Make a donation Image Magic Master Switch On Apply security features to registered customers Yes Process Store's Graphics False Auto Clean Cache True Encrypt Image Filenames False Filename Encryption Key changeme Apply Internet Explorer PNG Transparency work-around? False Use Resampling True Create Truecolour Thumbnails True Output GIFs as JPEGs False 'GIF as JPEG' Matte colour (HEX) FFFFFF Cache Thumbnails on the Server True Cache Thumbnails in user's browser True Thumbnail Cache directory /thumbnails Use 404 Response if image not found? True Allow thumbnails larger than original True Center if thumbnail larger than original False JPEG Quality - Pop-up Images 100 JPEG Quality - Product Information Thumbnails 100 JPEG Quality - Category Thumbnails 100 JPEG Quality - Heading Thumbnails 100 JPEG Quality - Small Thumbnails 100 Graphic Watermark in Pop-up Images No Graphic Watermark in Product Information Thumbnails No Graphic Watermark in Category Thumbnails No Graphic Watermark in Heading Thumbnails No Graphic Watermark in Small Thumbnails No Watermark Image File Image Watermark Transparency 20 Image Watermark Position Top Image Watermark Margin 0 Resize Watermark Image True Text Watermark in Pop-up Images No Text Watermark in Product Information Thumbnails No Text Watermark in Category Thumbnails No Text Watermark in Heading Thumbnails No Text Watermark in Small Thumbnails No Watermark Text Sample Text Watermark Font Name arial.ttf Text Watermark Size 10 Text Watermark Colour (HEX) 000000 Text Watermark Transparency 20 Text Watermark Position Top Text Watermark Margin 0 Text Watermark Angle 0 Auto Adjust Brightness 0 Auto Adjust Contrast 0 Frame Pop-up Images No Frame Product Information Thumbnails No Frame Category Thumbnails No Frame Heading Thumbnails No Frame Small Thumbnails No Frame Width 4 Frame Depth 4 Frame Colour (HEX) CCCCCC Frame Inside 3D Highlight Colour (HEX) FFFFFF Frame Inside 3D Shadow Colour (HEX) 000000 Buttonize Pop-up Images No Buttonize Product Information Thumbnails No Buttonize Category Thumbnails No Buttonize Heading Thumbnails No Buttonize Small Thumbnails No Button Height 4 Button Highlight Colour (HEX) CCCCCC Button Shadow Colour (HEX) 000000 Last Hash (System Use - Read Only) e184a6d0869be0cc8e0f8e3a08f07bd2 hinzugefügt am: 29.12.1899 letzte Änderung: 03.10.2005
  7. Hi everybody! I'm setting up a new OSC and have made some modifications to make the shop faster (decrease querie counts and parse time, as described by Chemo, here ). It worked all well and my shop was pretty fast Then i've installed the latest version of image-magic to speed up the whole image-loading. But something went wrong, and now all is slow like never before. The images are popping in one after one after one. Same images have to load everytime i browse or refresh the site. I hope you understand my english and have a solution for me... Thanks a lot!!!