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  1. colin160174

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    Terra, Thanks for the response, I have found the solution, I had to have a copy of the php.ini file within the folder where ipn.php was!!! Stock is now updating and order is showing as pending!!! Thanks Colin G.
  2. colin160174

    [CONTRIBUTION] Nochex APC Payment Module

    It would appear this error is related to some code on the checkout_success page that had to be edited, have I inserted the code in the incorrect place, could someone check for me. I have listed it below - install said to "paste this block of code BEFORE the $breadcrumb" $nochex_query = tep_db_query("select o.orders_status,p.* from " . TABLE_ORDERS . " o LEFT JOIN " . TABLE_NOCHEX_APC_TXN . " p on p.nc_order_id = o.orders_id AND o.customers_id = '" . (int)$customer_id . "' order by o.date_purchased desc limit 1"); $nochex_apc = tep_db_fetch_array($nochex_query); if ($nochex_apc['nochex_reponse']=='AUTHORISED') { $NAVBAR_TITLE_2 = NOCHEX_NAVBAR_TITLE_2_OK; $HEADING_TITLE = NOCHEX_HEADING_TITLE_OK; $TEXT_SUCCESS = NOCHEX_TEXT_SUCCESS_OK; $cart->reset(TRUE); } else if ($nochex_apc['nochex_response']=='DECLINED') { $NAVBAR_TITLE_2 = NOCHEX_NAVBAR_TITLE_2_FAILED; $HEADING_TITLE = NOCHEX_HEADING_TITLE_FAILED; $TEXT_SUCCESS = NOCHEX_TEXT_SUCCESS_FAILED; } else if ($nochex_apc['orders_status']==50000) { $NAVBAR_TITLE_2 = NOCHEX_NAVBAR_TITLE_2_PENDING; $HEADING_TITLE = NOCHEX_HEADING_TITLE_PENDING; $TEXT_SUCCESS = NOCHEX_TEXT_SUCCESS_PENDING; } else { $NAVBAR_TITLE_2 = NAVBAR_TITLE_2; $HEADING_TITLE = HEADING_TITLE; $TEXT_SUCCESS = TEXT_SUCCESS; }; $breadcrumb->add(NAVBAR_TITLE_1); $breadcrumb->add($NAVBAR_TITLE_2); Did I fluff it up? Thanks Colin G.
  3. colin160174

    [CONTRIBUTION] Nochex APC Payment Module

    Installed the contrib, run a test payment, and at the point of confirming payment, I got the following- 1146 - Table 'mysite_osc1.TABLE_NOCHEX_APC_TXN' doesn't exist select o.orders_status,p.* from orders o LEFT JOIN TABLE_NOCHEX_APC_TXN p on p.nc_order_id = o.orders_id AND o.customers_id = '6' order by o.date_purchased desc limit 1 [TEP STOP] There is no table called TABLE_NOCHEX_APC_TXN mentioned in the install so what does this mean? Thanks Colin G.
  4. I seem to be able to find a lot of posts about similar problems but no fixes. Has anyone resolved this problem yet whereby the order does not update from preparing and therefore the stock is not adjusted and the osc e-mails are not sent. Thanks Colin G.
  5. colin160174

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    I have installed the contrib (thanks for putting it together and making it so easy to install!!!) but when I use the sandbox version it is not adjusting the shop stock (when it does using other payment methods) and the orders show as completed on the sand box system for both buyer and seller accounts, but the order only shows as preparing in the shop. Any ideas? Thanks Colin G.
  6. colin160174

    Cannot remove table rate module!!

    Thanks for the response, your advice is appreciated, did you delete them straight from the database and is it only found in modules_shipping_installed? Thanks Colin G.
  7. Can anyone help, the table rate shipping module appears to be experiencing a bit of a glitch in that I cannot remove it, it is only showing the install button. The edit and remove buttons do not show, yet if I click on the table rate module in the list I can edit it. I have tried to re-install table.php from a "virgin" copy of oscommerce into the two module folders but this doe not seem to correct the issue. I am also experiencing some difficulty with my shipping in that where orders are from overseas addresses they will continue to checkout but UK based orders will not!! When the continue button is pressed, it continuously loops back to checkout_shipping.php. I am applying free shipping to the UK through the admin panel and am wondering if something in this setting is not quite right, will free shipping work on its own or is the system waiting for a shipping option to be selected? Any help is appreciated. Many Thanks Colin G.
  8. colin160174

    Stuck on Checkout Shipping

    I am finding I get this problem when only a single shipping option is available. For example, if I install a flat rate module as well as my shipping modules it works, but when there is only one single shipping option it fails!! Colin G.