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  1. stefan1959

    My Account page blank

    Maybe a PHP version upgrade on server? Steve
  2. Thx, how did you get the sub-menu move to the right?
  3. Ok thanks for that, was driving me nuts why it wasn't showing on a new install and the upgraded version I'm working on was working. Steve
  4. I can't seem to to get any Sub Category to show in a clean install of Phoenix. Anyone else notice this? Under Fruit I added a "test" category with "test" product and I can't see it. I have Sub Category List enabled in the Module - content. Any suggestions whats going on? Steve
  5. stefan1959

    Current Android Mobile Admin App?

    The github for the module says its for osCommerce version 2.0.0 and higher. Was there ever a version like that? I might try it "when i get time" on a development site, not really expecting it to work. Steve
  6. post install ok I presume, i was thinking maybe its a memory use issue?
  7. Use export with phpadmin on the, use custom export. select only the customer tables, plus I tick the Add DROP TABLE / VIEW / PROCEDURE / FUNCTION / EVENT / TRIGGER statement then import into CE. Remember to backup before doing this in case import causing a problem. Maybe you can leave off customer_basket and customer_basket_attributes, not sure if they needed. Steve P.S. View the .sql before import and look whats getting imported, also I like to make sure the tables ENGINE=InnoDB, if not change it to that.
  8. Just noticed that, all good thanks. Steve
  9. I installed and enable the Category Meta Module but I can't see it working for the keywords ive entered, using up to date version of OSCOM CE Phoenix v1.0.2.0 , is this a bug?
  10. stefan1959

    JcM Call for Price Phoenix V1.0

    I just updated to v1.0.2.1 , I saw the product_listing.php has been updated. I tried to fix myself, first part I could edit ok, but the bottom edit has changed alot and I haven't a clue But what happen I put back v1.0.2.1 version back with no changes and call for quote seems works ok. So I'm happy.
  11. Hi, I'm moving a oscommerce site over to the latest CE version. One module I need to get working is Shipping Quote, are you able to update this module?



    1. ArtcoInc


      Take a look at "Ship in Cart 5.0 CE Phoenix" .

      It has been updated for Phoenix.

    2. stefan1959


      Ok, thanks.


  12. I can't edit, its gone past the edit time, maybe a admin can remove.
  13. I meant. Just images where slow to load. Loads fine once they cached.
  14. I just had a look at the demo site, it seem to be loading slow, mainly the images. Steve