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  1. I had someone helping me with setting my site up and they have removed oscommerce, how do I add that back. Also, I want to change the homepage image and start adding new products. I think I know how to add products, but how do I change the image on the homepage? www.kimematernity.com. Thank you.
  2. Someone has helped me upload the image to my homepage, but I need to replace it. Where do I go to change the image or upload a new one? Thanks! Kim
  3. kimematernity

    How Do I Change Home Page Image?

    Here is the link www.kimematernity.com I want to replace the big photo on the homepage with a smaller, now edited logo, and much better image. Thanks. Kim
  4. I've configured the shipping rates correctly for the table, but it won't change with the total. How do I fix this? Thanks so much. Kim