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  1. I have two OsCommerce shops. But I am only intersted in download orders form one of them. The reson i have 2 shops is difrent pricing and difret products The main webshop is to regular costumers, and the second shop is for my "dealers" both shops containe many of the same products, but the pricing is difrent. I am intrested in to transfer ordres for one shop to another. Shop 1 and Shop 2 I have 3 orders in my "shop2" whit order number 100 101 102 I want to transfer this orders to my "shop1" This shop have difrent order numbers maybe order 500 501 502 503 and so one. When i transfer an order from "shop2" ex order 101, I want this order to get the next free order number in "shop1" ex 504. I have tried to look for this feature, but can't find anything yet. I want to handel all my orders from shop1, this because it's more easy to get EDI and Invoic systems to work with only one shop. I am sorry for my bad english. Basicly i want to get orders for the sql order tabel sent over 2 another DB whit new order number. I hope to get some Ides for you out there
  2. knutmw

    Low Stock Report v2.0

    This contribut is verry helpfull for me, but is there anybody outthere how know how to make it so I can "restock" products directly from the report. So I don't have to visit every product? I foundt here http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...stats_low_stock On the link above you can see one download thats named Stats Low Stock with Updat Quantity Box It had been verry nice to have av quantity box on this report. I triede the one that i link to above, but did'nt get that to work. Sorry for my poor english. Hope anyone can help. Best reguards Knut M