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  1. It may well - which is why I'm asking for help. Can you help at all, please? The issue is that the orders_id field is not being populated in the orders_products_download table. It's populated in all other order-based tables. Just not that one. If I can track down where the update/insert query is, i may be able to fix myself... Thanks
  2. It does relate. The site worked before USU. The downloads work if I disable USU. But, unfortunately, it doesn't if I use USU - and that's a shame, because it's a great contrib!
  3. DataMouse

    Editing website

    Don't be mean, Sam ;) Check your catalog/includes/application_top.php file. Around line 460ish, you'll see the start of your breadcrumb function: // include the breadcrumb class and start the breadcrumb trail require(DIR_WS_CLASSES . 'breadcrumb.php'); $breadcrumb = new breadcrumb; $breadcrumb->add(HEADER_TITLE_TOP, HTTP_SERVER); $breadcrumb->add(HEADER_TITLE_CATALOG, tep_href_link(FILENAME_DEFAULT)); If you remove the last line above, that should sort you out. Danny
  4. I've had a hunt and have found that the function: mysql_insert_id Is being used to generat the order_id in the function function tep_db_insert_id() This function is in the includes/database.php file and is also called in the seo_class.php file from the Ultimate SEO URLs contribution. Is it this that's causing the problem? If it is, how do I repair it? Danny
  5. Hi guys I hope you can help! I have installed the contribution and now have an orderID=0 issue at my store (www.datamouse.biz/catalog) Orders are not being added to order histories. Also, if I disable the contribution, none of my urs work - they go to "datamouse.biz/catalog/index.php?catalog=index.php", regardess of what is clicked. I've seen a previous post about installing an older version (?) of the store. Is there any other way to get this fixed? Thanks guys Danny
  6. Guys I fixed it by adding another category. It doesn't seem to like it if there's only one (bug?)
  7. HI guys I'm having a prob and have read through pages of this thread and see peeps with similar ones. However, none of the fixes work for me. I'm getting a solitary error: ERROR: Google Category Sitemap Generation FAILED! The ohter two work perfectly. All files are 777. No idea what is causing. My site is in the root (public_html) - it' just not picking up categories (I only have one). Any ideas? Danny
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    Template Positioning Issue

    Anybody alive in here? I can hear a pin drop!
  9. DataMouse

    Template Positioning Issue

    I'm realy stuck guys Any takers? (please)
  10. DataMouse

    Template Positioning Issue

  11. DataMouse

    Template Positioning Issue

    BTW: Just testing with browsershots.org (well worth bookmarking if you haven't already), and: It Works with: IE5.5 IE6 IE7 FF3.0 Opera9 But not with: FF1.5 IE8 (beta) Safari 3.1 (Mac or PC) FF2 Don't know if this info helps... :blink:
  12. Try this: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,5347 Also see: http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?showtopic=272623
  13. DataMouse

    custom header and navigation

    Okey doke. If you know CSS and HTML already, I'm gonna assume that you know PhotoShop too. 1. Design your header in PhotoShop. 2. Save as PNG or JPEG flat file 3. Splice the header into the buttons/areas needed for your CSS (personally, I use FireWorks to do this, but it can be done really easily with teh Slice tool in PhotoShop). 4. Save the resulting images in the catalog/images folder 5. Create your CSS to reference the images 6. The catalog/includes/header.php is the header file that you will need to add your HTML to. FTP and test Hope this helps
  14. DataMouse

    Header Tags SEO

    Guys I found it. In the includes/database_tables.php file, I had a capital letter. Make sure you check your typos. Thanks anyway guys Danny
  15. DataMouse

    Header Tags SEO

    I am completely stuck! :blink: I've followed teh instructions to a tee - and my admin section works like a dream. Hwever, I keep getting an apparent database error message when i try and access the store or any product link: 1146 - Table 'db186456758.TABLE_HEADERTAGS_DEFAULT' doesn't exist select * from TABLE_HEADERTAGS_DEFAULT where language_id = '1' [TEP STOP] I've done the uninstall with headertags_seo_uninstall.php and reinstalled with headertags_seo_install.php - still no joy. The only thing that i haven't done is add in the code to the header page, as my header file i wrote myself (to pull a header from elsewhere on my site, with javascript rollovers). Can anyone help, please? I'm really in a bind! Danny
  16. DataMouse

    Image formats

    Guys I see that all images are in GIF format. Does osCommerce support other formats? (jpeg? png? etc) Before i change the coding (and create the images), i thought I'd check. Thanks guys DataMouse
  17. DataMouse

    Image formats

    Fair enough.... Do I need to change any coding anywhere to accept the image changes, or can I just change the image formats form "example.gif" to "example.png"?