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  1. Beeguy

    HTML template for the BTS

    Thanks Bill, but what I have is just the way we wanted it and it works well for our customers. If it's a simple change, wonderful, but I don't have the time I used to to work on these projects. I suspect it is a simple matter of finding out what response is expected and see what I need to make the statement 'true' under the correct circumstances. This has worked for two plus years. It only broke when my ISP went to PHP5.
  2. Beeguy

    HTML template for the BTS

    Did anyone find the answer for the above post? I am getting the same thing since I was moved to a PHP5 server. It appears the code that determines php or html is failing so it all defaults to html. Line 23 is where the logs show the error, line 14 is the array 23 points to that gives the error and the function for the array is about line 30ish. The code is doing a read php . I don't know if the tags need changed or just what it is trying to look at to make the determination. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Beeguy

    Free shipping

    Hi Theo. I have just installed version 3.5c ( the d version dated 6 Dec is boogered up...the files install as hidden and mess up the admin panel, not to mention it didn't work. :) So first upgrade to 3.5c that alone may solve your problems That number is set in the admin screen in modules, shipping. You set the threshold and you set a max weight that you are willing to ship free. That is not happening to me with 3.5c. I also use UPSXML , In fact it was a plesant surprise for me because ,on occasion, I get a large order that needs to be overnighted. I hope I helped a bit.