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  1. My MAO Button lets my background color (brown) show through the white letters, so that the words are brown with a white border. <_< Is there a way to fix that with out changing my background? Also, I would like to add the MAO button to the product before the customer clicks on the item. It only appears in the last view! Finally, I am thinking that I want the MAO button to the right side, with the Add To Cart button in the center. Has anyone out there done any of this? My site is www.epacabay.com/catalog Stan V.
  2. ManFromMars

    [Contrib] Make An Offer

    Howard, I found the problem! I did not hit a save button in the Web Shell for saving files & settings! I had been saving all the file changes in each section, but didn't know I had to do an overall Save! :blush: Now I have get a .gif for the MAO button and find out why I get a blank page when I hit the present button! At least I can see the results now! :D One more thing! I had to create the "new files" that you put under !!! Backup!!! Backup!!!, as they weren't automatically made. Will these be filled in by the program, or am I supposed to put something there?!!! Thanks for your help! Stan
  3. ManFromMars

    [Contrib] Make An Offer

    Howard, My test site that I am using is www.marswaupaca.com/catalog, but as I said it is a blank page! I did get my Admin Catalog page to come back in view. I somehow had pasted a partial duplicate statement in Admin/Categories.php! :-" Now, I can see the buttons on the products there! The next time I ever do this, I am going to check my site after every change, so I will know where a problem is! As it is, I am having to go over everything I entered, which takes a whole day, and this is my third time! Where can I get info about php/sql spacing errors, the phpMyAdmin viewer color code, and what things like "tep", "href", and so on mean? I did remove and replace the sql, as you suggested, and this time no error about the duplicate entry came up. So I won't worry about the "Values" question. Also, my webpage didn't come back when I removed the MAO stuff anyway, so that would indicate that that's not where the problem is. Stan
  4. ManFromMars

    [Contrib] Make An Offer

    Howard, Thanks for the quick reply and the info about viewing the .php files! Even though you say it is not related to my blank page problem, could you still give me more information about inserting the SQL statement into the configuration_group "Values", which I don't find? Also, I checked my index.php and did not find an error as you mentioned. In fact, that file was not included in any changes, was it? It it the same on my test site as it is in my site that I am running online, so I can't see the problem as being related to that. I double-checked my other cut-and-paste entries and found some minor errors, nothing major, but still I have a blank Catalog! :(
  5. ManFromMars

    [Contrib] Make An Offer

    I also have had a similar problem that I can't get resolved! MAO seems to be only partially installed and I have no Catalog, as the page for the website, and the one in the Admin Panel comes up blank too. I am new at this and have little knowledge of pHp and MySQL. I uploaded the make_an_offer.sql file through phpMyAdmin and MySQL 4.1.20 database that is provided by a hosting server. I made the other changes through their Web Shell program. One thing I did note was that I don't have any "Values" column in my confiquration_group! :'( Another thing is that I don't know how to view what's in the make_an_offer.sql file or see the text for it in MySQL. Is there any way to remove the MAO.sql from my database and try again? I need my website back! :( This contribution would be great, if only I could get it to work! :)