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  1. Hi @@14steve14 That did it: The code for the review button which was not bold was: <?php echo tep_draw_button(IMAGE_BUTTON_REVIEWS . (($reviews['count'] > 0) ? ' (' . $reviews['count'] . ')' : ''), 'comment', tep_href_link(FILENAME_PRODUCT_REVIEWS, tep_get_all_get_params())); ?> I changed it to this adding the primary: <?php echo tep_draw_button(IMAGE_BUTTON_REVIEWS, 'primary' . (($reviews['count'] > 0) ? ' (' . $reviews['count'] . ')' : ''), 'comment', tep_href_link(FILENAME_PRODUCT_REVIEWS, tep_get_all_get_params())); ?> Works just great Thanks for your help! Leon
  2. HI, On this page: You see THREE buttons at the top of the page: "Reviews" "Add to Wish List" and "Add To Cart" If you notice the one of them "Reviews" is NORMAL font and two of them "Add to Wish List" and "Add To Cart"are BOLD font. My question is HOW do I make them all BOLD font? thanks Leon
  3. Burt, Is that part of the stock oscommerce? Because I have not installed that addon myself. ALSO - I can't even find the tell a friend addon on my site anywhere: Thanks for your help Leon
  4. Hi, I have just installed: Wishlist for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3 Everything works perfect except for one thing. When you login and add items to your wishlist, and then go to your wishlist have the option of sending the wishlist to other people using their name and their email address. Well all of that seems to work fine BUT when you click on Send Wishlist Email you get the following error: ERROR! Attempt to send spam by accessing this script from another web site has been detected and blocked! And the email does NOT get sent. Anybody know a fix for this or what I can do to correct this. Thanks Leon
  5. Hey guys you have been so good to help me with other issues, and seem to really know osCommerce inside and out....just wondering if you have ever seen this issue or got any ideas on what might be gong on? @Jack_mcs @@bruyndoncx I have a strange problem happening. In using paypal on my site. when anyone adds a product to the cart and then uses pay with paypal the cart ADDS the 7% sales tax. Now it does this even though the person is NOT even logged in. It should only be collecting sales tax form people in our home state South Carolina, But it shows the 7% sales tax to anybody that chooses to check out with paypal. Now once they sign in to their paypal account... if they are NOT in South Carolina the 7% sales tax goes away as it should. BUT it never should have been there in the first place. Seen this error before, or got any clues how I can fix this? This is my site, it is a 2.3.4 site: Thanks Leon
  6. Great advice @@Jack_mcs I was doing what @bruyndoncs suggested above (which was working quite well) but seeing your method I decided to try it that way and it proved to be much faster. I added the languages back in through the database language tables "insert" rather than install ALL the files. I labeled them language_id 2, language_id 3, and language_id 4, Then I went back into the admin of Oscommerce/localization/languages (where they now appeared) and deleted them one at a time. In an instant of time all of the "language_id 2, language_id 3, and language_id 4" where deleted from the 6 places you mentioned above. This was a very fast way to take care of this problem. Thanks again for your excellent advice. Leon
  7. @@Jack_mcs OK that explains a lot. So I guess what I need to do is get to work on creating the NEW ID as you have said and change all of the "No Thank You" to that and then AFTER that come back and delete them. Thanks for your help - you rally know your stuff! Leon
  8. @@Jack_mcs Well yes that would work.... BUT This shop is a 2.3.4 that I just recently installed. I manually uploaded all products from another 2.2 shop that I had. I did this AFTER I a had already deleted the languages from the admin>localization/languages, So the database now has all the language 2 and 3 products still there. So is deleting the manually my only recourse?
  9. Hi, I have an English ONLY store. In it on the admin side I have made English the default and have deleted ALL other language files on the site using FTP. In the database it shows about 9,000 products BUT I only have about 3000 products in my store. What I noticed is in the database I have 3000 "language_id 1" products and 3000 "language_id 2" products and 3000 "language_id 3" products. So my question is can I safely DELETE all "language_id 2" and "language_id 3" products from the database? This SAME question would apply to all the TABLES: products product_descriptions product_options And any other language_id items I find in the database. Could I do this without causing a problem for the store? Thanks Leon
  10. @@bruyndoncx That worked. :) What I did was to add this code to the top of the page for my "dummy" as you suggested: <!-- BEGIN added to make orders page load from the top --> <td style="display:none"> <?php echo tep_draw_form('status', FILENAME_ORDERS, tep_get_all_get_params(array('action')) . 'action=update_order'); ?> <?php echo tep_draw_textarea_field('comments', 'soft', '60', '5'); ?> </td> <!-- END added to make orders page load from the top --> This is the exact same code that is found at the bottom of the orders page for the comments update section. I just copied it to the top and "set the display to none." That did it! Thanks a lot! Leon
  11. Hi I have just noticed a strange problem with my "orders" page in admin. oscommerce 2.3.4 On the page when you click on an order it: 1) Opens the order. 2) Takes you to the comments section of the order. 3) Your cursor is blinking in the comments section ready to type. This is a problem... in that if you have a long order you have to scroll to the top of the page every time to see the name and address. What I would like for it to do! 1) Open the order. 2) Take you to the TOP of the order page - rather than the comments section. Can anyone tell me how I could fix this? Thanks Leon
  12. On the options list... My server reports: HTTP Server: Apache PHP Version: 5.3.3 (Zend: 2.3.0) On the "No Thank you" You can see it work here: If you will notice you will see the "No Thank You" listed there 4 times. AND in the admin section for the same product I have a "No Thank You" selection under each set of attributes. See Attached image. So this being the case in your EXCELLENT contribution Easier Attributes I have a number of the SAME choices for adding the "No Thank You." See second image. No big deal I guess - just trying to explain what is going on. thanks Leon
  13. Hey Jack, Little correction needed on a link. When you click on the "visit the support thread" onthe top left. It takes you here: <tr> <td class="smallText" valign="top"><?php echo HEADING_TITLE_SUPPORT_THREAD; ?></td> </tr> Saw in the language/english/ file define('HEADING_TITLE_SUPPORT_THREAD', '<a href=" -easier_attributes/" target="_blank"><span style="color: sienna;">(visit the support thread)</span></a>'); A VERY good contribution! I really like it. saves a lot of time. Thanks, Leon
  14. Hey Jack Another issue, It may be that you just have not compeleted this portion of the addon yet, but here it is. In the "Options tab" when you click on it... it list 19 options. But in the regular oscommerce attributes we actually have 24 options. The scroll bar is showing.... but it does not allow you to go up or down. Is there a setting in the database or something else that will fix this? thanks Leon