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  1. Mav666

    Shipping Choices Problem

    I'd look at the way zone exclusions are handled and rewrite it to check shipping weight instead.
  2. A quick follow up - I tried to simply not call the payment module if the order->info{'total'} = 0 - but interesting enough, it now does not evaluate the reply from authorize for any purchase, which means I can purchase with a bad card and it will look like the order went through, not a good idea either. >_<
  3. Everything installed just fine, now I have a slight problem - the coupons we have on one of our sites are essentially to allow you to order something free. The problem I run into is that once the customer tries to check out, authorize.net responds with an error code that a valid amount is required. I don't mind having the customer put in their CC even for a free order, but I need to figure out how to only process if the amount is more than $0.00. That's about the short of it ...
  4. Mav666

    Shipping by Zip Codes

    You can look at the shipping module you are using, check the zip against a list of zip codes that are supposed to get free shipping and in case of a match set the shipping price to 0 rather than calculating whatever shipping rate. Its not that difficult, just follow the code ...
  5. There is a contribution that sort of lists the basics - if you search for it, its all the way in the end since it is pretty old.
  6. Mav666

    Prohibiting Shipping to States/Countries

    OK, let me get this straight - you want to be able to define a list of countries which essentially display a message that say we can't ship this item to this country turn off the checkout button (to make sure nobody checks out is spite of the message). Are we talking about a list that differs from product to product or just a master list?
  7. Mav666

    Parse Error with USPS Labels installation

    More than likely you forgot to put a } somewhere ... I hate when that happens ...
  8. Mav666

    Negotiated Rates Showing Backwards?

    You have to make sure that UPS has you set up to receive negotiated rates - I had the same problem with a client and it took a UPS rep to contact customer service to get them turned on. Also, they only update their system once a week, Monday I think. Hope this helps ...
  9. Mav666


    FYI - got this email from UPS since I was bitching about negotiated rates not working:
  10. Mav666

    Just installed Super Download Shop but.....

    Don't mean to beat a dead horse, but have you tried to write a quick script that connects to the database, does a query and disconnects and uses the parameters you have in the configure.php? If the store works and the admin section does not, and you compared the two configure.php files and they are essentially the same, there has to be a logical flaw somewhere. At the time the script craps out, the only parameters you pass along is server, username and password - so there is not a lot to go wrong yet. I guess what you could do is post the section under the // define our database connection portion in the admin configure and make sure you take the actual info out. You could have inadvertently changed the name of one of the constants ... just my 2 cents
  11. Mav666

    Just installed Super Download Shop but.....

    Presuming you have not changed the db password, have you checked the /admin/includes/configure.php? If the store is working and the admin section is not, that would be the first place I'd check.
  12. Mav666

    USPS Module Help Please!

    alyssa: I think he was trying to say that there may be knowledge to be garnered from the UPS contrib that, correctly and creatively applied, may enable you to fix the USPS contrib. Thanks for the hint by the way, will look at that to see if that solves more than one of my current problems. As far as the logic goes, the shipping rates are indeed pulled twice, rather than saved. Which really messes things up on occasion ... Just like attributes are looked up when they are transferred from basket to order, another pitfall that sabotaged one of my down&dirty fixes ... :-"
  13. Mav666

    USPS Module Help Please!

    UPDATE: Can't be totally off base, since it works the way its supposed to if I filter the problem module and circumvent the code above with a simple if clause. Its not pretty or safe, so I'm not recommending it - but the fact that it works tells me that the retrieval from the shipping array is what goes wrong. Since it grabs the right id, but the wrong title and cost. I have the strange feeling it may be in one of the [0], but I have not finished thinking that through and have a meeting with a client shortly. More later ...
  14. Mav666

    USPS Module Help Please!

    FWIW, I'm having a similar problem with a Store Pickup Module I'm working on - if you build a print_r($shipping) into the checkout confirmation you will probably see that the id for the shipping method is correct, but the retrieval goes wrong - this is what I get: Array ( [id] => module_TheRightThing [title] => ModuleName (The Wrong Thing) [cost] => 0.00 ) If I'm correct, this is assigned in checkout_shipping.php by $shipping = array('id' => $shipping, 'title' => (($free_shipping == true) ? $quote[0]['methods'][0]['title'] : $quote[0]['module'] . ' (' . $quote[0]['methods'][0]['title'] . ')'), 'cost' => $quote[0]['methods'][0]['cost']); Have not figured out what goes wrong, but maybe this points someone in the right direction. Or if I'm totally off base, let me know that too... ;)
  15. Mav666

    Shipping modules documentation

    Some of what you are looking for is here: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/37 Other than that its pretty much reading code it seems.