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  1. Where are the logs....what website? Thanks, Amy
  2. amystephenson

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    Did you ever get an answer to this? I am having the same issue. It goes to the login page everytime i add a product. Very annoying! Thanks, Amy
  3. we just moved this site from another hosting company and now we are having problems with the VM not working. I have check both ends and everything is correct ie: passwords, pin numbers and the like. When I get the error email there are NO errors reported. The orders aren't even making it to the Virtual Merchant. Customer ID #321 jerry@visionitnow.com Jerry Henline United States Error Message(s): Address Verification Response: CVV2 Verification Response: Talked with VM tech support and because they are not getting anything on their end they are not willing to help...
  4. Yes - I am having exactly the same problem. The only thing I could think of was making a sql statment to fill in the phone number of the telephone_entry to the telephone_customer. Not sure how that would work though.
  5. I am having the same issue. Did anyone answer this post. Cannot see the phone number in the admin/customer.php file. Can see it everywhere else, so I know it is not lost! Thanks, Amy
  6. amystephenson

    admin insert account with United States as default

    Thanks so much for your help!! It worked.
  7. Every time I search for a customer (admin panel) to add a new order it goes back to the Admin Login Page. I have to do 2-3 times to get an order from the adminstration panel entered. Thats not right, is it? It is very annoying for the client. I reinstalled the package several times with the same results. I do have the ajax feature turned off.
  8. Is there anyway to modify the admin customer.php to default to United States when I insert a new client from the admin panel? Looked all over and could not find anything.
  9. So again. Any idea why its not showing up? Thanks, Amy
  10. No - I still do not have this box showing up! Is it because I only have one option group?
  11. Yes - the out of stock is there.
  12. Stock is at 0. Did it again on another attribute in the same product and stock went to -1.
  13. My settings are the same and yes I have set up attributes for stock and added qty ofr each attribute in the stock page.
  14. Yep - its set to true. Other ideas?
  15. I have all of that code. In looking at the code I noticed this line.... //Display a table with which attributecombinations is on stock to the customer? if(PRODINFO_ATTRIBUTE_DISPLAY_STOCK_LIST == 'True'): require(DIR_WS_MODULES . "qtpro_stock_table.php"); endif; Where do I change the PRODINFO_ATTRIBUTE_DISPLAY_STOCK_LIST == TRUE??