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    Header Tags SEO

    Ok ... that's really weird. Swapping the english product_info.php for the German one didn't help. But ... I filled in the header tags for the German product_info.php, and it fixed the problem. Doesn't make much sense to me why, but it did fix the problem. Someday when I have more time, I'll view the complete html source for the product_info.php with the header tags and without, and find out why the header tags fixed it. For now I'm happy to have it working. Thanks!!!
  2. MontanaMan

    Header Tags SEO

    Hi Jack: Thanks for an excellent contrib. After installing it, I'm having display problems on pages with German text selected. English text is fine, but German bumps the right column to the bottom of the page: Here is the english page properly displayed: http://kashuen.com/winter-skiiing-snow-swa...tml?language=en Here is the German page with problems: http://kashuen.com/winter-skiiing-snow-swa...tml?language=de Any ideas? Thanks again.
  3. Hello: I've installed on my test site GVCC (Trad)-1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11.zip (the last one posted by vger), and it's not working properly. Can someone help? Here are the problems: 1.) When I go to Admin Panel > Modules > Order Total and try to install the "Discount Coupons" and "Gift Vouchers" it doesn't seem to work. I click the button with the green "+" sign, and nothing happens. The button clicks, but stays there ... no changes. 2.) I created a gift voucher and bought it, using a real credit card, but nothing shows up in the gift voucher queue. I check the DB tables and its not there either. 3.) I mailed a customer (myself) a gift voucher and received the code for it, but when I tried to use it to purchase one of the default movies in the store, it didn't subtract Gift Voucher from the total amount. Has anybody else experienced this problem? Know a way to fix it? Thanks!!
  4. MontanaMan

    Gift Certificate

    Has anybody successfully installed any of these gift certificate modules? Any input? I'm looking to do the same.
  5. Hi Folks, I want to submit my website (http://www.kashuen.com) products to Google Base and Shopping. I've tried to use Google Store Connector, but it doesn't work with my version of OSCommerce. I get the old "connection failed, check provided admin info" message. So ... what contribution do you recommend? Which do you think is best? Please tell me why you like it. Perhaps this could be a good topic to provide information for future searchers. Thanks!!
  6. MontanaMan

    Can't edit Payment Options

    Hello: I went into the admin screen, and selected "Payment" under "Modules." I'm trying to set the paypal email address, and it won't stick. I keep editing it, entering the proper email address, and it keeps going back to "you@yourbusiness.com" This is true for all of the payment options ... none of them can be changed. Something is obviously not working, or I'm doing something wrong. Any advice? I'm willing to edit the module manually, if someone could give me the location of the actual file or DB where the information is stored. I'm familiar with PHP and MySQL. Thanks!!
  7. MontanaMan

    Can't edit Payment Options

    I used the solution posted above by PixelMeister, and it fixed everything for me.
  8. MontanaMan

    Can't edit Payment Options

    This same problem is also affecting all of the other modules: Payment, shipping, order totals. None of them can be edited. Can anybody help with this?
  9. MontanaMan

    Can't edit Payment Options

    One more piece of info ... could this be a file permissions kind of thing? I'm not getting any error messages.