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  1. sabdullah

    Get 1 Free

    Sorry, didn't want to be redundant, I just saw the post above from jgeoff offering a solution to what I posted above, I'll try to post a solution with a reduction in database queries Suhail
  2. sabdullah

    Get 1 Free

    Great Contribution! Thank you for sharing this with everyone. Some Comments I'd like to Share: I just installed this contribution a few days ago and everything seems to be working fine. My site has hundreds of products, 8 categories, and dozens of subcategories, so identifying the products being promoted is a must otherwise the "Get 1 Free" deal gets lost on the site. I've only used this promotion on 1 category, so I will be making sure to announce this deals on the front page and also on the specific category page. Furthermore, I will need to make the products being promoted stand out from the rest of them in the product listing page. Since I'm not promoting that many products right now, I'll just make some changes in the product images and titles and that should do the trick. For the future, ideally, the promotion should stand out in the product listing page. That would be fairly easy to code, just add some image or text whenever a product is promoted using this contribution. Has anybody already done this? Maybe when I get some free time, I could put something together. Peace, Suhail
  3. sabdullah

    [Contribution] - USPS Methods

    Thank you for the advice. I did as you said as regards to deleting the contribution and reinstalling it. I've been monitoring the site for the last few weeks. All seemed good until I noticed the USPS shipping module stalling again today so I had to disable it. Any other ideas or tips on how to fix this problem? Peace
  4. sabdullah

    [Contribution] - USPS Methods

    Scott, Thanks for the suggestion. I might not have done that, though I don't have any other usps modules loaded. I'll go ahead and delete usps methods and do a fresh install. I'll monitor the site for a while to see if the problem appears again. Peace, Suhail
  5. sabdullah

    [Contribution] - USPS Methods

    Thank you for this great contribution. I was using it for a few months till recently and most of my customers chose to ship via USPS. For about a month though I've noticed that the checkout_shipping.php page is very slow to load (i'm talking about minutes!) when the USPS Methods is enabled at time. I've lost a few customers that way. The email with the quote response shows that USPS is sending the quote within seconds of the request. I contacted their customer service and they don't have any problem on their end. I've updated to the latest version and still get the same problem. I've disabled the USPS module and I get my quotes from FEDEX in no time now. The problem is that many customers are used to using USPS and I'd like to expand internationally and USPS seems to be the best shipping method for that. Has anyone encountered this problem on their site? Any ideas where the problem may be coming from and how I could solve it? Thank you
  6. I basically got the same response from them. The problem seems to have disappeared for now but I'll be monitoring the XML quote email from now on.
  7. I am getting the same problem and have lost some customers because of delay in the shipping quotes. I've noticed that it doesn't happen all the time. Some times the time to load is faster. I was going to upgrade to the latest contribution but based on what you've said, I think it might be an issue on the USPS end. I will also get in touch with them and find out the problem. For now the best approach seems to be to disable USPS quotes. Peace, Suhail