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  1. ulefos

    help with links.php

    Thank you very much for your quick response, fixed with the gif ulefos
  2. please help, i have read the how to use document and not sure where to find admin->links manager ll->Link Exchange? I have found in the admin->Links but not the other. I have put another question in the wrong place, basicaly i have a problem here i cant get the page to look like the other pages like conditions.php or shipping.php, its the middle part/ box i cant get right. Any help would be appricated Teresa
  3. Hi Sorry for the vague topic description, here is one of the problem pages, as you can see the search box image is not there in (IE) in firefox the word search is shown.I cant get the image to show, i have checked everything uploaded images so cant understand why this is happening. The other thing is i cant get the links pages to look the same as the other pages, the center bit (body) needs to look like conditions.phpMy link. I am sure you can tell that i am not to good at explainong things very well, i am new to adding contributions, and if someone could point me in the right diection to sort this out i would be much appricated, i have used the contribution, for before 2.3 and i have 2.2rc2. thank you teresa
  4. ulefos

    multi images

    Thank you for pointing it out, i did the htaccess one before, i have now done the admin, i have had problems with the ip trap before, but i will give it another go. Dont surpose you would have any idea how i can get my webpage right, i keep thinking its to do with the css file, i really dont know. and thank you again
  5. ulefos

    multi images

    Hi Hopefully someone can help, i have added multi images contribution to my website, as i am new to this i think the upload was ok but my site looks wrong, and i am not sure on how to fix it. Here is one of the problem pages As you can see its looking very wrong, please can you advise, point me in the right direct to fix it, i am a learner so please be patient thanks i am using v2.2rc2 Teresa
  6. ulefos

    Center website

    Hi Please could someboby help with centering my website i have used the fixed width with css but i cant center the header part or image, do i need to resize the image or have i forgot to do something. please take a look thatnk you teresa
  7. ulefos

    Template design

    i am sorry if i have done something wrong by adding the link (i think thats the problem) but i didnt now how to explain my question, so i am still no wiser on how to start this particular design
  8. ulefos

    Template design

    Hi would anybody know if there is a template in contributions for this design: www.websitetemplates.bz/free_templates/736.html i have a oscommerce website but its an older version and i am looking to try to do this design with oscommerce 2.2rc2a i have done a new install and changed colours, borders etc but i am having problems setting up the layout of this design. if any body has any ideas it would be much appreciated. I dont really want to download this free template i would like to have go myself thanks
  9. ulefos

    Stylesheet css

    Thank you again for your advise it is much appreciated, It has the same lay out as oscommerce and the index file is very similar. i will go through it all and hopefully it may make sense to me
  10. ulefos

    Stylesheet css

    Thank you Jim i will give it a go, would i need to change anything in the index file or just compare the css file
  11. ulefos

    Stylesheet css

    Hi I am looking for some advise, i have a oscommerce website ms2.2 for several years and love it (it was built for me), but i have learnt a lot about the site . What i would like to do is use my old stylesheet on my new install (oscommerce-2.2rc2a) as i like the design., would i also have to change the index.php file any help suggestions would be much a appreciated teresa
  12. ulefos

    Paypal ipn 2.3.3

    hi Please back up before you do anything i am no webmaster and if you get into difficulties i cant help you out this is what worked for me Go to contributions and look for Product Attributes - Option Type Feature go down the list to PAY PAL IPN fix this worked for me hope it helps
  13. ulefos

    Paypal ipn

    Hi I have had this problem before, and i cant find where the answer is i have upgraded to paypal ipn and when a customer adds text to a text box (attribute ) either text or telephone number it doesnt come through on the order process history which it use to any ideas i was going to try the 2.3.0 version teresa
  14. ulefos

    Paypal ipn 2.3.3

    Hi I recently uploaded paypal_ipn using ms2 when a customer fills in a text box the contents are not saved to the database, and on the confirmation email i get the word TEXT instead of the customers comments. It works with paypal_ipn so io dont know what im doing wrong, could someone help please, point me in the right direction I do preferr the contribution just got to get it to work teresa
  15. ulefos

    PayPal IPN Debug [Invalid Process]

    Buy any chance did this get sorted as i have the same problem