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  1. billskullman

    I get weird symbols when changing languagefiles.

    Im using microsoft expression web to edit the files. It is similar to dreamweaver. What testeditor should i use? Where do i see which encoding it is on the shop?
  2. Hello everyone. I had a programmer install a bunch of contributions and design for me on an oscommerceshop, but now when i try to edit the languagefiles i get weird symbols in the top left corner of the page. The symbols are:  Im trying to use Swedish in my languagefiles but i also get this when changing in the english languagefiles. Please help. Thanks Bill
  3. Hello. Im using osc Affiliate and Margin Report contributions and im wondering if anyone knows if i can set up the store so the % the affiliate make are a % of the margin i have in Margin Report. I would greatly appreciate help!
  4. billskullman

    Margin Report v2.10

    Hi everyone. Does anyone know how i change so that the margins are based on Products Price (Gross) instead of Products Price (Net)? //B
  5. billskullman

    How do i remove the borders on the infoboxes?

    Doesnt anyone have any ideas about this?
  6. billskullman

    How do i remove the borders on the infoboxes?

    The information i need is not in the stylesheet. I think i may need to do something to the new_products.php in catalog/includes/modules but i dont know what.. ive tried many different variations but the closest i get is an border around the whole new_products section and a still want separate product boxes //Bill
  7. billskullman

    Seperate Pricing Per Customer v3.5

    I have a small question. my site under construction : http://shop.skullman.nytka.org I would like the graphic infoboxes to be in the same style as the rest of the shop. I mean remove the graphic borders and just keep the boxes and use the standard borders and colors. Can anyone please help me? Thanks! //Bill
  8. Hello everyone. Ive installed graphic infoboxes but i want to remove tje graphic part and just keep the products in boxes. Can anyone please help me an tell me how i simply use default borders instead of graphic? Thanks! //Bill