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  1. Nice work One problem though, click the backup button in the adminstration-catalog page will add unwelcome slash to the html codes that I just entered in the product-description
  2. I am a new osCommerce user. I had applied for a paypal business account but not yet implement payment solution because I did not know where to start and how to recive money from osCommerce shopping cart. Please help! I try to make a purchase order on my osCommerce catalog and it was confirmed that the order was succeed. However, I did not see any money going into my paypal account. I did enable three payment methods (Credit Card, Authorize.net and PayPal) on osCommerce payment module. Now, I wonder where the money goes if my paypal account has not worked properly. Do I have to download any codes to implement the payment? Where and how to install it into osCOmmerce? I would like to keep osCommerce's shopping cart but only direct all payments to my Paypal account. Thank you.