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  1. @@kymation I've followed this thread extensively and am getting the same simplexml errors others have posted. I've tried various fixes and am at the point where I have the latest version installed.


    I'm on PHP 5.1.6

    mySQL 5.0.95

    osC 2.2 RC2a


    If you can help me, I'd be thrilled. We've been pushing these guys to upgrade their store, but they won't budge. The issue is that we are dealing with a service provider to a larger company (who owns the store, ultimately).

  2. @@fulluvscents How do I update the language? My client needs USPS to show up as USPS Parcel Post in their orders, for example. I tried to edit the usps.php file and reinstall. I tried to edit just the db entries. Neither of those worked, rendering the entire module broken and not showing up when checking out.


    Any help would be appreciated.

  3. Folks,


    I found the problem! I contacted USPS and they insisted that my WebTools account was set up and working properly. I asked about the changes with the recent rate increases and they assured me that those made no difference with my shopping cart. Their suggestion was that I had a problem with my osCommerce cart or that my web server may have something in cache that was messing the price query up. Since I had made no changes to my cart prior to the problem starting I went right to my web server.


    Wow! I actually got a real person (who spoke my language!) and they starting checking my osCommerce files. (Note: this service cost extra - since osCommerce isn't their software and programming my cart isn't part of my service - but it was worth the minor fee.) Within an hour the programmer at my web server had confirmed that all my osCommerce files and settings were correct. Cool - while I hadn't thought there was a problem there, it was good to hear from an expert. As a last resort he contacted USPS himself. He found out that since I am running version 2.2 (apparently there is a newer version?) that he needed a patch installed on the server for version 2.2 to work with the newest APIs running with USPS. He installed those (there were absolutely no changes to any of my files) and everything works as advertised.


    So, contact your web server and get them to get the patch from USPS and install it - it should fix your problems and any like problems other osCommerce users on your server are having.


    Hope this helps! :rolleyes:


    Can you be more specific about what "patch" from USPS you're talking about?

  4. I am also still trying to figure out how to get the JavaScript Out of Stock message to display UTF-8 (Unicode) text.


    When visitors see the French version of a store I've built, the special characters aren't showing up, rather, they show up like this:


    Article momentanément en rupture de stock. Veuillez modifier vos options.
    The JavaScript isn't able to handle the HTML equivalents of the special characters.

  5. Even the author of the contribution is using the following text in the language file for Swedish:


    define('TEXT_OUT_OF_STOCK_MESSAGE', 'Den kombination av alternativ du valt är slut på lagret. Välj en annan kombination, tack.');


    Regardless, I've tried with both unicode, like above, and HTML, like you've suggested, and I get the same results. Something about how it's spitting out that text is ignoring HTML.


    I just now thought about doing a "view source" to see HOW it was displaying my text, and I was quite amazed to see that it was actually being displayed through JavaScript. See below:


    <script LANGUAGE="JavaScript"><!--
     function chkstk(frm) {
    var stk={};
    var instk=false;
    if (stk[frm['id[1]'].value]) instk=true;
     return instk;
     function stkmsg(frm) {
    var instk=chkstk(frm);
    var span=document.getElementById("oosmsg");
    while (span.childNodes[0])
    if (!instk)
      span.appendChild(document.createTextNode("La combinación de las opciones que ha seleccionado actualmente no está en existencia. Por favor, seleccione otra combinación."));
      span.appendChild(document.createTextNode(" "));
     function chksel() {
    var instk=chkstk(document.cart_quantity);
    if (!instk) alert('La combinación de las opciones que ha seleccionado actualmente no está en existencia. Por favor, seleccione otra combinación.');
    return instk;


    How do I get my HTML to work in that?

  6. $products_id=(preg_match("/^\d{1,10}(\{\d{1,10}\}\d{1,10})*$/",$HTTP_GET_VARS['products_id']) ? $HTTP_GET_VARS['products_id'] : (int)$HTTP_GET_VARS['products_id']); 
      require(DIR_WS_CLASSES . 'pad_' . PRODINFO_ATTRIBUTE_PLUGIN . '.php');
      $class = 'pad_' . PRODINFO_ATTRIBUTE_PLUGIN;
      $pad = new $class($products_id);
      echo $pad->draw();


    That is the code that pulls up the attributes and appropriate text from the language file.


    define('TEXT_PRODUCT_NOT_FOUND', 'No encontrado!');
    define('TEXT_CURRENT_REVIEWS', 'Comentarios:');
    define('TEXT_MORE_INFORMATION', 'Para obtener más información, visite la <a href="%s" target="_blank"><u>página</u></a> del producto.');
    define('TEXT_DATE_ADDED', 'Este producto esta en nuestro catálogo desde %s.');
    define('TEXT_DATE_AVAILABLE', '<font color="#ff0000">Este producto estará disponible el %s.</font>');
    define('TEXT_ALSO_PURCHASED_PRODUCTS', 'Clientes que compraron este producto, también han comprado');
    define('TEXT_PRODUCT_OPTIONS', 'Opciones:');
    define('TEXT_CLICK_TO_ENLARGE', 'Haga Click para agrandar');
    define('TEXT_PRODUCT_AVAILABILITY', 'la disponibilidad de los productos');
    define('TEXT_PRODUCT_AVAILABLE', 'Actualmente en la reserva');
    define('TEXT_PRODUCT_OPTIONS', 'Available Options:');
    define('TEXT_ENTER_QUANTITY', 'Quantity:');
    //++++ Pro QT: Begin cambiado el código
    define ('TEXT_OUT_OF_STOCK', 'Fuera de stock');
    define ('TEXT_OUT_OF_STOCK_MESSAGE', 'La combinación de opciones que ha seleccionado actualmente no está en existencia. Por favor, seleccione otra combinación.');
    define ('TEXT_SELECT_OPTIONS', 'Debe seleccionar las opciones de los productos antes de añadir este producto a su carrito de compras.');
    //++++ Pro QT: Fin cambiado Código
    define ('TEXT_ENTER_QUANTITY', 'Cantidad:');


    That is my text. The TEXT_OUT_OF_STOCK_MESSAGE is the one that is breaking when it hits the "La combinación". I've tried it with both unicode text and the HTML equivalent. Something about that specific variable isn't adhering to HTML. :(

  7. I am using PayPal Web Payment Standard. The customer is having no problems with the ordering process. It takes them to PayPal, and they get charged accordingly, for their items and the shipping.


    However, when they return to the store and the order email is generated, it doesn't include the shipping cost like authorize.net orders do.


    I have looked in my PayPal profile for an option to disregard the shipping profile, but I can't find that. I don't do anything with shipping in my PayPal profile, it's all left blank.


    Thanks for any help.

  8. Andyy, I just PM'd you. After further thought, this is how we currently do this. However, what I'm looking for might be a little bit more complicated that how you understood it.


    I don't want to have to split up the packs into your 44,000 scenario. Instead, I wish there was a way to just say I have 44,000 of those items, total, but they could be bought in quantities of 10, 100, 1000, 10000, for instance.


    This way, the "attribute" would actually be a number that would get subtracted, so, if the customer bought 2x1000 packs, it would subtract 2000. I don't think QT Pro is designed for this, and I may have to go back to the drawing board and have it so the user can just enter the # of items they want to buy, themselves. With that scenario, though, I'd want to figure out a way to force the customer to only buy in certain increments. Anyone ever work something like that out?


    It could be done by setting it up in admin/products_attributes.php


    1 under Product Options add PACKS Track Stock? = YES


    2 under Option Values Add

    PACKS = 10

    PACKS = 100

    PACKS = 1000

    PACKS = 10000


    3 under Products Attributes

    Add Product Name = Product1 Option Name = PACKS Option Value = 10 Value Price = 10.0000 Prefix = +

    Add Product Name = Product1 Option Name = PACKS Option Value = 100 Value Price = 100.0000 Prefix = +

    Add Product Name = Product1 Option Name = PACKS Option Value = 1000 Value Price = 1000.0000 Prefix = +

    Add Product Name = Product1 Option Name = PACKS Option Value = 10000 Value Price = 10000.0000 Prefix = +


    The company will now need to prepack their total stock qty into pack qty ready for shippment to reflect the Attribute qty on the site. So if the total stock is 44000 units then the department will devide the their stock into say:

    100 packs of 10 units = 1000 units

    10 packs of 100 units = 1000 units

    2 packs of 1000 units = 2000 units

    4 packs of 10000 units = 40000 units

    Total stock 44,000 units




    goto Stock Report page in admin

    click Product1 which will take you to stock.php?product_id=? in the address bar


    In the dropdown list you will see

    PACKS Quantity

    10 add 100

    100 add 10

    1000 add 2

    10000 add 4


    Have fun




  9. Has anyone had any luck in getting QT Pro to solve the puzzle I posted a few pages ago?


    I did a store for someone who sells bracelets. They sell the bracelets in lots of 10, 25, 50, 100, 1000. I think that attributes are stored as text, which probably leads to the problem.


    So, say I have 10,000 bracelets. I'd LOVE to be able to have the quantity actually subtracted from the "type" of bracelet pack ordered. So, if someone ordered one 1,000 pack, the total in stock would go from 10,000 to 9,000.


    Anyone have this solved?