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    USPS Shipping Module Error

    Is there any reason that my customer is being asked for the name of her shopping cart (OSC obviously) and the web tool ID?
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    ABN AMRO - U.S.

    No luck? I sent AAMS a note and they said they use VisaNET, whatever that is.
  3. pfilias

    ABN AMRO - U.S.

    Is there a payment module for ABN AMRO in the United States, or do I just use Authorize.net or another already built payment module?
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    ABN AMRO - U.S.

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    I am building a new store for someone that was asking me if I could send their customers straight to authorize.net to fill in their credit card information since Authorize.net offers their own SSL and the merchant didn't want to bother with their own SSL. Can this be done with osCommerce?