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  1. The only issue I have with that is that our 2.2 RC2a is HEAVILY modified. Any advice?
  2. @@kymation I've followed this thread extensively and am getting the same simplexml errors others have posted. I've tried various fixes and am at the point where I have the latest version installed. I'm on PHP 5.1.6 mySQL 5.0.95 osC 2.2 RC2a If you can help me, I'd be thrilled. We've been pushing these guys to upgrade their store, but they won't budge. The issue is that we are dealing with a service provider to a larger company (who owns the store, ultimately).
  3. pfilias

    rate V4 changes to usps.php for osc2.2

    @@fulluvscents How do I update the language? My client needs USPS to show up as USPS Parcel Post in their orders, for example. I tried to edit the usps.php file and reinstall. I tried to edit just the db entries. Neither of those worked, rendering the entire module broken and not showing up when checking out. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. pfilias

    USPS module is "forcing" Express Mail option

    Can you be more specific about what "patch" from USPS you're talking about?
  5. pfilias

    Broken USPS module since rate increase

    All of a sudden, my USPS, that wasn't working for a few months, started working. I'm not 100% sure that it's accurate, but I'm glad my customers aren't seeing errors. Anyone else, all of a sudden, see that USPS started working?
  6. pfilias

    Limit produjct to country

    Which IP address module?
  7. We have solved our issue with QT Pro not being able to show foreign characters. I'm not sure how nobody else has had this problem. Maybe we're the only dummies doing foreign languages being a U.S.-based site. The answer to the problem with the Out of Stock JavaScript not being able to show special characters can be found here: http://clagnut.com/blog/261/
  8. I'll pay someone $25 if they can solve the JavaScript issue I posted about where the oosmsg comes out as-is rather than displaying the HTML. For instance, I want it to be able to properly display characters like ´ rather than é
  9. I am also still trying to figure out how to get the JavaScript Out of Stock message to display UTF-8 (Unicode) text. When visitors see the French version of a store I've built, the special characters aren't showing up, rather, they show up like this: The JavaScript isn't able to handle the HTML equivalents of the special characters.
  10. pfilias

    Country-State Selector

    Any progress with not having it have a "1" in the state box?
  11. pfilias

    Country-State Selector

    Did anyone figure out how to not show a 1 with the AJAX version?
  12. Can somebody please help with getting the JavaScript to parse HTML.
  13. Sorry about that... I'm just frustrated that the code for the out of stock message is buried in JavaScript and I can't get it to use HTML.