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  1. The manual states:


    about five lines further down look for
    'final_price' => $orders_products['final_price'],
    and on the next line down, immediately after it add the following
    'id' => $orders_products['products_id'],
    'return' => $orders_products['products_returned'],
    'exchange' => $orders_products['products_exchanged'],
    'exchange_id' => $orders_products['products_exchanged_id'],


    But put that code inbetween instead of beneath, just like:


    'id' => $orders_products['products_id'],

    'return' => $orders_products['products_returned'],

    'exchange' => $orders_products['products_exchanged'],

    'exchange_id' => $orders_products['products_exchanged_id'],[/

    'final_price' => $orders_products['final_price'];


    Then it works great!!

    Thanks marvin - that worked perfectly :)

  2. Need help!


    I installed the module and it seemed to work correctly except for that when I enter the individual prices into the admin product details it doesn't stay. I go back and it is 0 once again.


    It wont seem to keep the value.


    Am i missing something?



    Im also having the same problem, dont think its a database problem ? In the database ive added the values manually using PHPMyadmin and then checked to see if they show up during checkout- which they dont. Using the prev version 2.2 the value stays in admin, but doesnt show in the cart. Where could we be going wrong :blink: Ive entered the SQL command in my database & edited the admin => categories.php file

  3. Ive installed this mod - on the main admin toolbar i can see custom computer on the menu bar, but when i click it i get an 404 error page with the following addy


    If i type in the following manually into the address bar all is fine


    But i cant see how to manually edit the menu link? what file do i need to edit

  4. Ive installed this mod & looks great, but 1 problem :angry: In admin i specify a price for an item for example a hardrive will be ?100 with shipping cost set to ?50, but at the checkout process the shipping cost is ?0. So the customer doesnt get charged the ?50 shipping. Ive gone back to admin and the charge is still on the product - why doesnt the ?50 shipping show up in the cart ?

  5. well this isn't my version of the contribution, but if they didn't change much it should be in the build.php where you see tep_draw_input_field in the body portion, that is if they haven't changed much about mine.


    Wahey managed to get it to work, i wasnt sure which file needed to be amended - it was the build.php changed the following

    <center><b>$</b><input type="text" name="pricing4a" value="60.00" size="7" READONLY></center>




    <center><b>?</b><input type="text" name="pricing4a" value="60.00" size="7" READONLY></center>



    Just an idea for whoever is making the new update, i noticed on this site

    http://www.carrerassc.co.uk/system.asp?systemvar=a that if you select a preconfigured pc you can select the "configure this sytem" button and it will load the custom build page with all the hardware ready loaded in the hardware menus for that particular pc :shock: Any chance of including somethink like that in the update ?